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More informative way of selling vinyl records

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More informative way of selling vinyl records
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Always show pictures of the vinyl record itself, collectors will be interested in the label, which record label, the colour of the label too. Always show the matrix code. Show pictures of the back cover, showing track listing as well as the front cover. Always make sure your pictures are clear and the potential buyer can actually read any writing on the record/cover.

Always make sure you are honest and clear with your description of the cover, the inserts and the vinyl. Always list any freebies that come with the item, EG, free poster, lyric sheets. You can have same albums with different track lists dependent on which country they were released in, so showing track list in your description would be beneficial to a potential buyer too. Make sure you stipulate if the item is 7" single, 12" single or 12" album, it can be annoying as a buyer to click on an item to find it is a CD copy of what you are looking for! 

Carry out some research on your item before listing, collectors know the prices of items and could be put off bidding by silly starting prices. Start reasonably and if the item is wanted you will be surprised how much the item will fetch.

Good luck, happy selling!
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