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We all know how frustrating it can be when a buyer leaves feedback that is just not true. It can ruin the reputation of honest sellers. I have recently been left untrue neutral feedback. The buyer admitted in email to me that the item was brand new as stated but still left feedback to the contrary. Out of ignorance in how contract phones are prepared she left false feedack. Below is a copy of the email she send agreeing that the item was brand new as stated. I am placing this review for any future buyers I may have to read and judge for themselves. Feedback response only allows for a limited response. The new review system allows me the chance to vindicate myself as a seller. :o)


Sorry for the delay in replying. O2 say the phone was for any sim card except 3. As the sim card holder was was sealed in the package with the phone but the sim card itself was inserted in the phone, I dont think O2 would have sold it like that, would they?  The handset itself was brand new as was all the packaging etc., Thank you.


Even although the phone was not even put together and the packaging was all sealed she left this. As a contract phone the sim WAS inserted by O2 and everything sealed and packaged by them.

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