Mortal Kombat on PS3 Review

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Best 2D Fighter ever?

Story Mode: The story of Mortal Kombat begins from the ending of Mortal Kombat Armageddon (PS2), where everyone apart from Shao-Khan & Raiden have been completed annihilated, during this last battle Raiden is clearly overwhelmed and starts to chant a spell which would send a warning message to his past-tense self to try to alter the outcome.

In story mode there are 16 chapters you have to battle out with various classic characters while it rewrites the entire Mortal Kombat story, this mode is packed with a great story-line that will keep you hooked up to the very end and of course some very challenging matches to face; this mode will make you a better player as the battles can get harder and harder, it did take me a while to complete but in the end I did it and my god did I enjoy it.

Arcade Ladder Mode: If you've played MK before then you will know EXACTLY what this is, but for those who don't well basically you have a ladder which you climb up where you battle different combatants, as you go up the difficulty gets slightly harder from the difficulty you chose which makes it more challenging and fun, until you reach the top where you have to beat the evil emperor 'Shao Kahn', upon beating this evil enemy, you will unlock an ending to the character chosen and an alternate costume! (To use the new costumes, you must go to the 'Nekropolis' in the 'Extras' menu and click on the character you just completed the arcade with, you will then get a message saying you have unlocked a new alt costume; when selecting your fighter, press start instead of 'X' to choose which costume you want to use!)

There are however different kinds of ladders within this game which I thought was fantastic: * 1 vs 1 Ladder; You pick one person to versus against the computer who plays as one character. * 2 vs 2 Ladder; This is a tag team ladder which is great fun and challenging, you get to pick two characters to play as to versus the computer who also has two players, although don'y think that when you get to the boss you will be able to steam-roll them, their life bar takes less damage when hitting them! * 2 player 2 vs 2 Ladder!; Yep that's right, you and one of your mates can play together against the computer! Me and my friend had a lot of fun with this mode! Then you have other modes like the challenge tower which has 300 challenges for you to complete ranging from simple versus matches, too 2 versus 2 or even a handicap match where you have one character that needs to defeat two or more! This tower is extremely fun and will take some time to complete, you can retake challenges you've already done if you want to do them again. Test your luck is a great addition to have to the game where you mix up the gameplay a bit, the feels could go in your favour and give you extra damage bonuses, or it could go the opposite and flip the screen upside down or randomly darken the screen so you can't see what you're doing, this mode was indeed very enjoyable! Doing all these modes will get you Koins where you can spend them at the Krypt to unlock special concept arts, soundtracks, and secret fatalities + more. If you are struggling with moves or fatalities, then why not head over to the training mode where you can try out some combo's on a dummy character, or why not try the all new fatality trainer where it will show you where to stand and what commands to put in, so next time when you beat someone with your favourite character, you can finish them properly! Now I should really talk about the actual gameplay; personally I thought it really felt like a Mortal Kombat game, it's finally back to the old 2D-plane fighting style it should of always stayed at.

Characters have their own uniqueness to them, some do feel over-powered at times, however once you've played with/against them for awhile you will start to realise they are actually pretty balanced and have their weaknesses for example: Scorpion is a moderate speed fighter with teleport attacks, he's really good when you catch people off-guard. Johnny Cage on the other hand has no teleport attacks and can seem vulnerable at times, however his attacks are extremely fast and very offensive. Kabal is one of the fastest moving characters but lacks in offensive moves and teleports, use his speed to your advantage! Characters have their own unique little combo's you can use, which don't seem that long (3 - 4 commands) however these if done correctly can follow up into a special move where you can sometimes lead them into another combo, after some practice you'll get the hand of these no time. You also have a special meter where you can enhance you special moves to make them more powerful or effective (ie; scorpions throws two spears instead of one), this does take up one bar so keep that in mind when saving up for an X-Ray. X-Ray moves are a new addition to the Mortal Kombat franchise, these are powerful moves that can do a lot of damage, link them at the end of a combo for some devastating results! Some people may think these are over powered, however if you misuse these attacks you are not only left with an empty special bar, but you will be left very vulnerable for a short period of time, so use wisely!

Overall, it's a fantastic game that really feels like what Mortal Kombat should have always been like, so it gets absolute top marks from me!
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