MotoGP Ticket Buying Guide

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MotoGP Ticket Buying Guide

Fans of fast motorcycles flock to MotoGP events to see professional riders race to be the best in the world. MotoGP is the trademarked commercial name for Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, which is the oldest and most respected motorcycle road racing event in the world. Ticket holders are treated to a Grand Prix race weekend spread over three days. MotoGP races feature technologically advanced motorcycles that are not available to the general public, driven at high speeds on complex circuits with plenty of tight corners to thrill and delight onlookers. To fans of MotoGP, there is nothing quite like a herd of lightning-fast motorcycles thundering ferociously around a Grand Prix race track.

Would-be spectators have a number of MotoGP races to choose from over the course of a year. Since these events are spread out around the world, many fans wait for MotoGP to come to them. Others plan a holiday around a race in another country. Wherever fans decide to enjoy the pulse-pounding thrill of world-class motorcycle racing, they are encouraged to purchase MotoGP tickets well before race weekend. Though venues are capable of hosting thousands upon thousands of spectators, those who buy tickets before they arrive can take their time selecting the best possible seating arrangements.

Introduction to MotoGP

MotoGP is the premier World Championship for motorcycle road racing. The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) held its first official motorcycle race over 60 years ago. Though Dorna Sports now holds the rights to organise and promote these races, the FIM lives on as an important governing body in the world of MotoGP. Over the years, MotoGP events evolved to match popular trends and new innovations in the motorcycle industry. Race regulations are frequently revised to even the playing field for all participants. For many years, there was a MotoGP class for two-man sidecar racing, but this related sport eventually split from the organisation in 1996. The motorcycles raced during MotoGP events are unlike anything available to average consumers. Only three manufacturers currently produce bikes for MotoGP: Honda, Ducati, and Yamaha. Though races take place around the world, giving each event a unique flavour, all venues offer similar facilities.

World Championship Grand Prix Race Classifications

MotoGP racers participate in one of three classes, each with their own bike and rider specifications. The following chart outlines the three race categories for spectators to enjoy while attending MotoGP.

Racing Class



Premier class of motorcycle racing; bikes must not exceed 4-stroke, 1000cc max engine capacity; riders must be at least 18 years old


4-stroke, 600cc engines; only Honda engines and Dunlop tyres allowed though chassis can vary; riders must be at least 16 years old


4-stroke, 250cc, single-cylinder motorcycles; minimum rider age is 16, maximum is 28 (25 for wild card/first timers/newly contracted)

Some MotoGP events also include exposition races that do not fall into any of the above categories. For example, Red Bull sponsors the MotoGP Rookies Cup at certain events to locate up-and-coming racers.

Tips for Purchasing MotoGP Tickets

Those who are determined to see a MotoGP race this year should not waste any time purchasing event tickets. First, examine the schedule and select a race. The next step is to decide how much to spend on tickets. While one can purchase a ticket for all three days of gearhead MotoGP festivities, some fans only come out for the official race day on Sunday. It is up to the individual to determine which ticket level suits their needs and budget before finalising a purchase.

Check Out the Race Schedule

The first step when buying tickets to see MotoGP is deciding which race to attend. There are currently 18 races on the calendar, spread over 13 countries worldwide. Though the races are broadcast globally, there is nothing quite like experiencing a high-calibre motorcycle race in person. After taking a look at the race schedule, which can be found on the official MotoGP website, fans can make their selection.

MotoGP in the U.K.

For residents of the U.K., the annual MotoGP race closest to home is the Hertz British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit located in Towcester, Northamptonshire. Conveniently situated just 90 minutes north of London, updates in recent years help to make this track a favourite amongst MotoGP riders. While the Hertz MotoGP is one of the most popular races hosted by Silverstone, this state-of-the-art facility is also home to many other British and international motorsports.

Where to Purchase Tickets

There are a number of ways to procure tickets to see MotoGP. They are available at face value through the official MotoGP website, as well as via the individual venues such as Silverstone in the U.K. In many cases, event tickets are also offered by third-party resellers. These tickets are often priced well above face value, especially for desirable seats or access to VIP areas. Fans interested in purchasing their MotoGP tickets through a reseller can search classified ads or online platforms such as eBay.

MotoGP Ticket Selection

Each MotoGP event spans a three-day weekend with events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The first two days are set aside for practice time and qualifying rounds. While diehard enthusiasts like to watch all three days of races, others are only interested in the final races on the third day. It is up to buyers to decide which ticket level suits their interests and budget. There are also various seating options to consider. For instance, some tickets allow access to reserved grandstand seats in a particular spot. In general, the most desirable grandstand seats are located on the start/finish line under a covered pavilion.

Though they tend to be more affordable, sometimes general admission only guarantees standing room and limited views, so buyers must read the specifics carefully before selecting tickets. When fans plan to drive, it is also a good idea to consider parking options ahead of time. By purchasing a parking pass with the tickets, spectators can avoid the frustration of not being able to find a parking spot on race day.

Buy a Ticket to MotoGP on eBay

eBay makes it easy to find tickets to sport events like MotoGP. Simply type a few relevant keywords, such as "MotoGP tickets", into any search box. You can also browse a wide range of event tickets to see if any MotoGP tickets turn up as you refine your results. Regardless of your approach, eBay offers tools to help customise and narrow search results using parameters like price and item location. You can also sort the search results to organize ticket listings according to your buying preferences. Eventually, eBay plans to shift all U.K. ticket sales over to the popular StubHub marketplace to better facilitate this type of transaction.

The eBay/StubHub Partnership

Beginning in May 2013, all future ticket sales on eBay are moving to the StubHub website. StubHub, which is an eBay company, offers a well-organised platform for matching ticket resellers with interested buyers. While sellers can no longer post their tickets on eBay once the shift is complete, StubHub listings are promoted through eBay searches, providing a direct connection between the two affiliated marketplaces. Both sellers and buyers benefit from this approach.

StubHub Benefits

StubHub is the largest marketplace for event tickets in the world. Tickets on StubHub are listed by event, making it easy for buyers to browse available tickets. All ticket sales are protected by the FanProtect Guarantee, which bolsters confidence when you are purchasing tickets online. Both buyers and sellers of tickets are better served by the StubHub format. After creating a StubHub account, you can link your PayPal account and start buying immediately.


Motorcycle enthusiasts who attend MotoGP events are treated to high-stakes races featuring the best riders and fastest bikes from around the globe. The adrenaline rush of watching professional bikers test the limits of their skills and equipment is quite breathtaking for spectators to behold. Motorcycle road racing enjoys worldwide popularity, with over 2.2 million showing up to watch MotoGP races in 2012. To get in on the action, fans must find tickets to the race they wish to attend. Since there is only one MotoGP race in the U.K., some people decide to schedule their holiday around an event held elsewhere.

England can count itself among the nations that excel at motorcycle grand prix racing. While some diehard fans travel around Europe and the world to attend MotoGP events, the race at Silverstone Circuit draws a lot of local spectators from within the U.K. Regardless of the race location, people are encouraged to purchase their ticket in advance of the event. Since prices vary based on ticket selection, buyers must decide how they want to experience the races when making their purchase. Rather than settling for general admission to the next MotoGP event, eBay can help connect fans willing to pay extra with sellers offering reserved grandstand seating with killer views.

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