Motorbike part numbers

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FInding the part for your bike
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FInding the part for your bike

Finding the right part

Titan Classics store is all about Titanium replica parts of the original factory part.
To get the correct part for your bike, Part numbers  are hugely important.   

I get a lot of questions like this  "Do you have M6 fairing bolts for my GSXR?" 
I always have to ask.  
What is the year of your bike?  
Whis is the model of your bike?  
What is the engine size of your bike?
Bikes like the GSXR have been made since the mid 80s

People will find help using an online microfiche site where they can look up the number for their bike parts.  
After finding the part number, then use that part number to search the Titan classics  Ebay store.   Here's a few parts sites below.  Dots have been removed to allow this post to guide to be published.   

hondapartshouse com
suzukipartshouse com 
yamahapartshouse com 
kawasakipartshouse com 
babbittsonline com/oemparts/c/ktm/parts

You can buy parts from those stores but generally what you'll find is that the postal charge is very high especially when you only need say a new lever pin.
You will find a lot of the parts aren't actually in stock and you'll get them up to two weeks after purchase.  
With the Titan Classics eBay store, the parts are in stock and posted within 24 hours of purchase.  You'll find the postage is free to UK and cheap worldwide.   

ZX9-R Ninja (1994-03) TITANIUM front master cylinder lever pin
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ZX9-R Ninja (1994-03) TITANIUM front master cylinder lever pin

Crossover parts

Some parts are the same across manufacturers.   eg.
Suzuki and Kawasaki share some parts
Suzuki lever pin: 57431-17C00 is exactly the same part as  Kawasaki lever pin: 92002-1322
Tokico calipers are used by Suzuki and Kawasaki so there will be parts that are the same and just have different manufacturer part numbers.  

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I have also been told by customers that Suzuki sprocket bolts for the RGV will fit the Honda CR500 etc.  

Generally though.  If you have a Honda.  Only a Honda part will fit it.   
The bleed bolts and banjo bolts on a Honda are very, very close in dimensions to Brembo bleed and banjo bolts but they are slightly different and I don't know anyone who has tried fitting Honda parts to Brembo.  
Brembo banjo bolt
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Brembo banjo bolt

Brembo parts

This Brembo fitting Titanium banjo bolt has the Brembo part number
This same part used by KTM is number
Ducati it is part number:

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