Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Brake Bleeder Buying Guide

Bleeding the brakes of a motorcycle is not a very difficult task, but a rider needs to take a series of precautions when doing this. Several tools are required for this task as well, and buyers should make sure they are of high quality, because this may influence the final result of the operation. It should only take one or two hours to bleed the system correctly, and the process should be repeated every two to three years.

When the braking system of a motorcycle begins to feel spongy, it may be caused by air in the system. This problem can be easily solved by bleeding the brakes. Motorcycle owners should know that their life depends on the motorcycle's brakes functioning properly, which means that they should be checked periodically for any faults. By learning more about how to bleed the brake system and how to purchase the right motorcycle brake bleeder,, motorcyclists can be sure that they complete the process successfully.

Background Information About Motorcycle Brakes

Even though it is common knowledge that motorcycle brakes are essential to the well-being of any motorcyclist, the reality is that numerous amateur bikers often neglect to maintain them properly. There are two main models of motorcycle brakes, with older models often featuring brakes on the rear wheel and the newer ones having a disc brake up front. Buyers who are not sure which type of brakes they have should take a look at the front and rear wheels in order to spot a shiny disc with a smaller circumference than that of the wheel, itself. The disc should feature a large number of tiny holes. If this disc is present, the motorcycle has disc brakes.

The braking system of a motorcycle has several main components. On the right side of the handlebars is the master cylinder, whose main function is to connect the brakes to the brake lever. The brake fluid is located in a small metal or plastic container somewhere near the master cylinder. This fluid fills the brake lines, which are attached to the caliper, a small piece that contains the pistons. The caliper is located on the shiny disc with holes that is called a rotor.

Checking the brake fluid on a regular basis is vital, and it is recommended to change it on an annual basis in order to avoid the overheating of the brakes. Overheating may cause the brakes to stop working properly, which may lead to serious accidents. Buyers should make sure they replace the fluid with one that is specifically recommended for their particular motorcycle brand and model.

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Brake Bleeder

Motorcyclists who are not familiar with brake bleeders should first learn a bit about them, because using a bleeder that is not suitable for a motorcycle's model may cause more harm than good. Reading the service manual prior to bleeding the brakes is a good place to start. Alternatively, a motorcyclist could consult a trained professional technician in order to make sure he or she knows what to do. Trying to remove the brake lines without having a clue about the process is definitely not a safe approach.

Even though brake bleeders for motorcycles can be purchased in local automotive shops, a better approach is to go online for a larger selection. There are several brands to choose from when it comes to brake bleeders for a motorcycle. The most popular of them are Astro Pneumatic, Lisle, Vacula, Thexton, Ammco, and Brancik. By taking a bit of time to research various kinds of bleeders from a few manufacturers, a motorcyclist can easily find one that is suitable for his or her motorcycle model. Taking a bit of time to read the information available for various models is a good way to find the brake bleeder that suits all of the buyer's criteria. The budget is of course important, but this should not be the main criterion for the decision. Those who are on a budget should browse through as many models as possible in order to be able to find the best possible deals.

Other Tools Required for the Bleeding Process

Besides the brake bleeder, itself, several other tools may be needed in order to be able to complete the bleeding process successfully; some of these include a dual-ended wrench, a bleed bottle with rubber connection hose, a ratchet driver, brake fluid, and a supply of water for cleaning any spillage. Choosing the right brake fluid is just as important as choosing the bleeder, as the correct grade needs to be used for good results. Buyers should remember that mixing brake fluids of different grades is never recommended. The owner's manual should be consulted in order to find out which type of brake fluid should be used.

Brake Bleeder Kits

Brake bleeder kits may be a good option for those who are unfamiliar with the way in which the bleeding process works. These kits come with all of the tools a person may need, and on top of that, they provide the user with complete instructions. This way, anyone can bleed the brakes of their motorcycle successfully and safely. Brake bleeder kits are available in local automotive shops, large supermarkets, and online at websites, such as eBay.

How to Bleed the Brakes of a Motorcycle Effectively

Before bleeding the brakes of a motorcycle and changing the fluid, first cover the bike with towels or old newspapers in order to protect the paint and avoid having to clean the mess after the process is completed. The next step is to remove the reservoir top in order to locate the bleeder nipple. This should be opened, but not completely. About one-third of a turn is adequate, and the fluid should be repeatedly pumped into the brake hose. Be careful about air entering the system. The new brake fluid should force out any existing air bubbles in the system. When the brake system is full of fresh fluid, the pumping should be repeated with the bleed nipple closed. This is the final phase of the bleeding process, and it is essential in order to make sure no air bubbles remain trapped in the system. The bleed bottle should then be disposed of carefully and any spilled brake fluid should be removed by spraying a brake cleaner onto the caliper. When testing the brakes after the bleeding process, they should run smoothly and no strange noises should be heard.

How to Find Motorcycle Brake Bleeders on eBay

Finding a motorcycle brake bleeder on eBay may not be an easy task, mostly because there are so many models available on the website. If you know exactly which type of bleeder you need, the search may be easier. However, those who are not sure about the kind of bleeder they are looking for need to have a close look at as many products as possible in order to be able to make the right choice.

In order to start searching for a motorcycle bleeder on eBay, you can perform a search by typing the words "motorcycle brake bleeder&" into the search bar, which you can find on every page of the website. If you know the brand for which you are looking, you can input additional keywords in order to find what you need quicker. In the majority of cases, you have to browse through several pages of results before spotting the item you need. Narrowing the selection down can be of help, so you should refine the results by price, brand, location of the seller, and more.

Before buying a motorcycle brake bleeder on eBay, you should read the product description carefully and make sure the item you are ready to pay for is suitable for your bike. In many cases, consumers may have doubts about the motorcycle brake bleeder they are looking to buy, so they should not hesitate to ask for more information from the seller.


Different motorcycles have different kinds of brakes. Regardless of the type of brakes a bike has, bleeding them on a regular basis is essential for a safe ride. The process can take a while and can be a little intimidating, especially for beginners, but with a bit of research and the right tools, it should be completed without problems in less than an hour. Buyers should make sure they use tools and brake fluids that are compatible with their bike for the best results.

Motorcycle brake bleeders can be purchased in automotive shops, but by choosing to purchase them on eBay,, buyers can enjoy a larger selection as well as the convenience of browsing through different models from the comfort of their own home. Moreover, the motorcycle brake bleeders available on eBay are sold by various vendors, which means a buyer can shop around for the best deal. Regardless of the type of motorcycle brake bleeder a consumer is looking for, chances are he or she can find a good deal for it on eBay.

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