Motorcycle Fuel System Parts Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Fuel System Parts Buying Guide

Handy motorcycle owners often choose to perform work on their bikes themselves. Owners can opt to conduct routine maintenance, repair problems, and overhaul a motorcycle to fit their customised specifications. Retrofitting a motorcycle with new fuel system parts can have a number of benefits. The fuel system of a motorcycle controls the amount of fuel that is used and impacts a motorcycle's performance. To do this, the fuel system must regulate the release of fuel and deliver the fuel to the motorcycle's engine efficiently. If there is a problem within the fuel system, a motorcycle can develop mechanical issues that can affect other parts of a bike, leading to costly repairs. Owners can also change the specifications of a motorcycle's factory-installed fuel system to increase a motorcycle's travelling and performance capacities.

Buyers searching for motorcycle fuel system parts can find products locally at automotive specialty shops and salvage yards. For buyers who prefer access to a wide range of fuel system components, eBay Motors is a great online resource. eBay Motors carries motorcycle fuel parts for both contemporary and classic motorcycles, so any type of motorcycle enthusiast can find products for their bikes. Before shopping for parts, however, buyers should know the types of motorcycle fuel systems that exist, how to choose compatible parts, and the function of each individual fuel system component so that they are certain that they purchase the correct parts for their plans.

Types of Motorcycle Fuel Systems

Motorcycle fuel systems are classified by the types of fuel feeding mechanisms that are used on a bike. Although there are a multitude of fuel system configurations, there are only two types of fuel feeding options utilised by motorcycle manufacturers.

Motorcycle Fuel System Type


Carburettor systems

Carburettor systems employ jets that mix fuel and air and push the mixture into a motorcycle engine's multiple cylinders at one time

Fuel injection systems

Fuel injection systems force fuel into each motorcycle engine cylinder independently

Carburettor systems were exclusively used in motorcycles until the 1980s when environmental concerns led manufacturers to develop more fuel efficient bikes. Motorcycles produced since the 1980s can have either carburettor or fuel injection systems. Although fuel injection systems increase a bike's carbon footprint, some motorcycle enthusiasts believe that they do not respond as well in racing situations as carburettor fuel systems. Additionally, carburettor systems are easier to maintain because they do not connect directly to computerised circuit boards like fuel injection systems.

Motorcycle Fuel System Parts Compatibility

When searching for motorcycle fuel system parts, buyers should focus on purchasing compatible parts unless they are planning to completely overhaul a motorcycle's fuel system. Since every motorcycle manufacturer uses parts that are especially developed for their motorcycles, buyers shopping for replacement parts must purchase components that were designed for both the make and model of their bikes. Buyers should check their owner's manuals before shopping for parts to be certain that they know the model numbers of their bikes. When choosing parts, buyers often have the choice between parts made by a motorcycle's manufacturer or an aftermarket company that produces replica parts, often at a lower cost. Aftermarket products are labelled with the names of the makes and models of motorcycles they can fit, so buyers should read a product's packaging carefully before making a purchase.

Motorcycle Fuel Delivery System Parts

Part of the purpose of a motorcycle fuel system is to deliver fuel to a bike's engine. To complete this task, manufacturers employ a number of different components to make sure the engine of a motorcycle gets the right amount of fuel at the correct time.

Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank of a motorcycle stores the bike's fuel. It has both entrance and exit ports so owners can add fuel to the tank and the engine can draw fuel out when an owner presses a bike's accelerator. Because of a motorcycle's relatively small size, its original fuel tank can only hold so much fuel. Buyers can increase the amount of fuel available by adding larger fuel tanks if they find they need more capacity.

Fuel tanks that are developed for carburettor systems generally rely on gravitational feed systems that demand that a fuel tank is placed higher on a motorcycle than the carburettor. Fuel tanks for fuel injection systems, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere in relation to an engine's uptake valves because the fuel within the tank is drawn out mechanically.

Fuel Valves

Fuel valves control the amount of petrol that flows to a motorcycle's engine. Buyers should be aware that motorcycle fuel systems may employ one of three different types of fuel valve mechanisms before shopping. Manual fuel valves allow riders to set the valve into on, off, or reserve positions, which helps regulate the consumption of fuel. The second type of fuel valve is the vacuum-operated fuel valve, which responds to the engine vacuum of a bike and can only operate when a rider turns on a motorcycle's engine. The last fuel valve used by manufacturers is a vacuum valve with electric assist, which automatically switches the valve into the reserve mode when the amount of fuel in a tank gets too low.

Fuel Pipes and Hoses

Fuel pipes and hoses are used to carry fuel to a carburettor or fuel injector. Because the materials made to construct hoses can be affected by different types of petrol, buyers should limit their purchases to hoses that are manufacturer-recommended for their bikes.

Fuel Pumps

To feed fuel into a motorcycle's carburettor or fuel injector, fuel pumps are sometimes needed. Fuel pumps allow fuel to reach the exit point of a fuel tank if the exit point is not placed at the bottom of the tank. Additionally, fuel pumps are necessary for motorcycle fuel tanks that are placed lower than the motorcycle's carburettor.

Fuel Filters

To make sure that the fuel reaching an engine is clean, fuel filters are used. Because fuel filters can be placed in a number of different places within a fuel system, depending on the system's design, buyers should check a filter before purchasing to see if it is appropriate for the make and model of their motorcycles.

Air Filters

Air filters are an integral part of motorcycle fuel systems that include carburettors. Because the fuel within a carburettor is mixed with air drawn outside of a motorcycle, air filters ensure that no contaminants enter the fuel system. Air filters can become clogged over time, so buyers should plan on changing their filters as needed to keep them clean.

Intake Covers

The intake manifold of a motorcycle carries fuel from a motorcycle's carburettor to its cylinders. Since there is a high level of pressurised fuel rushing through an intake manifold, it needs a cover to protect it from any damage. Intake manifolds can use spigot, flange, or clamp connectors, so buyers should check the dimensions of any replacement intake covers they are planning to purchase to be certain it can fit on their particular bikes.

Motorcycle Fuel Feed System Parts

The components that comprise a motorcycle's fuel feed system are related to its carburettor or fuel injectors. These parts permit a fuel system to feed fuel into a motorcycle's cylinders and engine. Carburettor-related parts include rubber fittings and gauges as well as the carburettor, itself. Fuel injection systems rely on fuel jets and throttles to force fuel into a cylinder in response to a rider's acceleration.

Buying Motorcycle Fuel System Parts on eBay Motors

Buyers searching for motorcycle fuel system parts can visit eBay Motors to locate mass marketed and specially designed motorcycle parts. eBay Motors carries parts for well-known bike manufacturers, like Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, and more. Locating fuel system parts quickly can be made easier by utilising eBay's search function. For instance, typing "Honda CBR fuel cap" into the search field prompts eBay Motors to generate a selected list of products that matches that search description. To find parts to meet any buyer's budget, eBay Motors features fuel parts that can be new or used. Determining the condition of a fuel system part, as well as its specifications and compatibility, is made easy by reading the part's product listing before making a purchase.

Buyers can also use the product listings found on eBay Motors to learn more about individual sellers' policies and previous customer service performance. A seller's shipping methods and payment preferences are detailed within product listings, so buyers can have a clear understanding of a transaction process before they make a purchase. Since eBay Motors allows buyers and sellers to leave feedback after a transaction has been completed, buyers can check out a seller's feedback rating score as part of their shopping research.


Motorcycle enthusiasts can be motivated to purchase fuel system parts for a number of reasons. Buying fuel system parts allows owners to maintain and repair their bikes as needed to keep their motorcycles performing at optimal levels. Additionally, some owners may want to retrofit their motorcycles with new fuel system parts to increase the capacities of their bikes. Since motorcycle fuel systems can include either carburettors or fuel injectors to deliver fuel to an engine, buyers should know before shopping which type of system is used on their bikes. Buyers should also know how to determine the compatibility of any parts so they purchase the correct replacement components for their motorcycles.

Fuel system parts can be broken down into components that either help deliver or feed fuel to a motorcycle engine. Delivery system parts include fuel tanks, pumps, hoses, valves, filters, and intake covers. Fuel feeding parts, on the other hand, are directly related to a motorcycle's carburettor or fuel injectors and include fittings, jets, gauges, and throttles. Once buyers identify the types of fuel system parts they require, they can visit eBay Motors to find an array of parts that can match any make and model of motorcycle.

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