Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Buying Guide

Motorcycle handlebar grips are an essential, yet often overlooked part of every bike and rider. These covers which go over the tops of handlebars are there to make it easy for riders to maintain their grip while reaching for the accelerator, brakes, clutch, or even when simply riding. Whether just cruising around the block or on a days-long run in the country, having confidence in their grip is what helps riders feel secure on an admittedly dangerous machine. Indeed, handlebar grips are essential for safety.

Handlebar grips, however, are not one size fits all. Riders need to carefully consider a number of factors when buying motorcycle handlebar grips which range from materials and features to the type of handlebar system they employ. Therefore, it is necessary to take a systematic approach to buying motorcycle handlebar grips for both comfort and style. This includes understanding the function of handlebar grips in more detail as well as the different buying choices that one has, including how and why shopping for motorcycle handlebar grips on eBay is a great choice for saving both time and money.

Optional Features of Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

Making the decision to replace or upgrade motorcycle handlebar grips is often based on a number of factors that take into account both the comfort of the riders and the performance enhancements offered to the bikes by new handlebar grips. And while there a number of factors that go into this decision, each point is more about personal preference than it is about circumstance. Taking time to consider what is important to particular riders and situations include assessing the options available in terms of materials used to make motorcycle handlebar grips as well as the shape of those grips.

Materials Used to Make Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

The materials used to make motorcycle handlebar grips are quite diverse. They include everything from rubber and leather to soft foam and gel cushioning. The choice of material depends on a number of factors such as personal comfort and preference, the types of motorcycles ridden, and the conditions through which the bikes are going to be ridden.

However, there are some basic differences between each material type that users should note and which play the balance between comfort and control. In general, this means opting for harder, rubber or leather grips in cases when a rider needs control over comfort such as extreme weather, especially humidity. The opposite of this is choosing handlebar grip material for comfort. Cushioned or gel-based handlebar grips are far better for long motorcycle rides and bikes designed for such purposes, also known as touring bikes.

The Shape of Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

The material is not the only physical feature that helps delineate one type of handlebar grip from another. The shape of motorcycle handlebar grips also adds different aesthetic and functional benefits. Buyers need to be aware of both the shape of their handlebars as well as the additional benefits of choosing each shape of handlebar grips.

Two of the most common shapes that buyers can find are ergonomic handlebar grips and standard handlebar grips. The former is generally a better option for long rides or motorcycles that are used on a daily basis for commuting. On the other hand, riders who only use their bikes occasionally may not find that the investment in ergonomic grips is worth the cost, and prefer standard shapes instead. There are also hybrid grips that may combine some ergonomic features with standard shapes and materials.

Deciding Which Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Work

Once buyers have considered the basic elements that make up motorcycle handlebar grip selection, there are three additional factors to consider that have less to do with preference and more to do with circumstance. Buyers can choose comfort over function or vice versa when evaluating motorcycle handlebar grips. However, the type of motorcycle and handlebars they have and the price that they can pay are more or less set.

Motorcycle Specifications and Handlebar Grips

Every motorcycle is different. As such, owners of particular makes or models of bikes need to be aware of the recommendations that are put forth by the manufacturers in terms of safety when it comes to handlebar grips. They should read their owner's manuals carefully before committing to any purchases.

In addition, though all motorcycle handlebar grips can be changed, not all materials or shapes may be appropriate for the way in which particular bikes work. This basically relates to the way in which a motorcycle runs as compared to the function of its grips. Once such example is Harley Davidson motorcycles, which tend to vibrate quite a bit. The function of handlebar grips therefore is as much about cushioning riders from these intense vibrations as it is about general comfort on long rides.

Types of Handlebars

There are seven basic designs of motorcycle handlebars. Not all handlebars can fit onto all motorcycles and likewise not all handlebar grips can fit onto all handlebars.Therefore, buyers need to identify the type of handlebars that they have and then make sure that they grips that they buy are compatible. The table below briefly outlines each of these seven basic types of handlebars.

Type of Handlebars

Type of Motorcycles


Beach bar

Touring bikes/choppers

Sloped bar angled toward the back of the bike meant to allow a relaxed position


Sport bikes

Two separate handles that attach directly to a bike's fork tubes


Sport bikes/cafe bikes

Forward-angled to allow for an aggressive position


Touring bikes/choppers

Shorter version of the beach bar which allows for an upright, but relaxed position

Drag bar

Sport bikes

Straight bar that require an aerodynamic, forward-leaning position

Motocross bar

Sport bikes

Tubular bar, clamped onto triple tree; popular for off-roading


Touring bikes/choppers

Sharply angled bar which rises up before angling out again for hand gripping area

Many of the handlebar grips on the market may fit onto more than one type of handlebar. However, it is essential that buyers pay particular attention to their handlebar types and double check through either reading packaging or asking sellers to make sure that their new handlebar grips are compatible.

The Cost of Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

The cost of motorcycle handlebar grips is another factor to consider. Like any motorcycle part, handlebar grips come in a range of quality. The higher quality grips are made of more durable, top-of-the-line material whereas cheaper handlebar grips are made of lesser quality material that may not last as long. As such, handlebar grips may range in price from a few pounds to several hundred. Buyers therefore need to set a budget for their grips which balances their funds with their needs.

How to Buy Motorcycle Handlebar Grips on eBay

Once buyers are aware of the choices they have, the search for the actual products can commence. Though there are many places from specialty stores to motorcycle parts websites that offer a variety of options to consumers, eBay is one of the easiest sites to use for this purchase, and one that can save a lot of money.

Searching eBay

Searching eBay is easy, which is why over 100 million active users are on the site buying everything from motorcycle parts to baby clothes. Buyers can simply type in the item they want on any page on the site by using the main search bar. Try to be specific and identify colour, material, or brand in the search. This yields a more focused set of results than simply searching for "motorcycle handlebar grips&" on its own.

Choosing a Seller and a Product

There are literally thousands of options on eBay to fulfill the search for motorcycle handlebar grips. Saving money and time means that buyers need to evaluate the options they see. This can be done through two means. First, buyers can use the limiters provided with every set of search results to only show certain brands or prices. Next, buyers should take care to review each seller offering motorcycle handlebar grips by looking through their feedback. Remember, the best price is not always equal the best experience.


Buying motorcycle handlebar grips is a great idea for a number of reasons. Motorcycle riders need these grips as an essential part of their bikes, but can also use them as a product geared toward comfort and function. However, there are several points to consider before buying handlebar grips that range from personal choice to necessity. Taking time to research and think about all these elements is the key to finding the perfect set of motorcycle handlebar grips for you.

Another important element in the process is not only general choices, but finding a specific product. Though there are many retailers who offer motorcycle parts such as handlebar grips, the ease of use and great deals that can be found on eBay make it stand above the crowd. Therefore, combining careful consideration along with proper use of eBay is a great way to buy motorcycle handlebar grips that are practical, comfortable, and affordable.

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