Motorcycle Handlebar Guards Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Handlebar Guards Buying Guide

When considering handguards for a motorcycle it is important to perform research to gain an adequate overview of the product. Once familiar with the types of hand guards, the next step is to determine the form, fit and function necessary to fulfill the need. Motorcycle handlebar hand guards are available from shops specialising in recreational vehicles and some major retail chains. In addition, eBay offers many varieties of hand guards within a wide range of prices.

The purpose of motorcycle handlebar guards is to protect the riders' hands while riding a motorcycle. In recreational settings one’s hands may be struck by tree limbs, flying objects or other hazards. Typically handlebar guards are mounted on recreational motorcycles as these are the most likely to encounter obstacles that might interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.

Recreational motorcycles are typically ridden over rugged terrain. At times, tree limbs, branches, or other objects can strike the operator’s hands. If travelling at a high rate of speed the pain inflicted by these objects can be detrimental to one’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. In some instances severe injuries can occur; safety precautions should be taken to mitigate risk of injury.

Regardless of what type of motorcycle is bought or rode, a valid argument can be made for the addition of handlebar guards. Handlebar guards can be purchased from many sources, but eBay Motors makes the task easier by combining many different makes and models in one central place.

Types of Motorcycle Handlebar Guards

There are two types of handlebar guards for motorcycles. The first type is the bar-only type and consists of a simple bar that mounts onto the handlebars and protrudes over the operator’s hand to protect it from strikes as the bike is moving. The second is a moulded cover and is normally made of strong plastic. The bar type is the simpler of the two and is aptly named as it consists simply of a bar that extends over the operator’s hand to obstruct anything that it would have otherwise come into contact with. The moulded cover variety provides a bit more protection as it has more surface area. Designed to cover the entire hand while gripping the handlebar, it provides similar protection to the bar design albeit with more coverage. The moulded cover can often deflect items that would normally hit the wrist of the operator.

It is important to protect the hands of the operator while riding a motorcycle. If the hands are injured to the point where the operator cannot adequately grip the handlebars the motorcycle may go out of control and likely wreck. A small bit of precaution can help to reduce the risk of this happening.

Added Functionality

Some hand guards made for motorcycle handlebars have additional functionality. Instead of merely protecting the hands from injury, the additional capability of a mirror or turn signals is available as an option. the mirrored hand guards are useful on bikes that are not equipped with standalone mirrors. The mirror adds a dimension of safety when riding with others. Blind spot mirrors can also be installed to ensure that when the rider decides to deviate from a predetermined path it is safe to do so. Many off road vehicles, including motorcycles, are not equipped with mirrors. In most cases, if the vehicle does not have mirrors, it likely does not have turn signals either. Hand guards are available with integrated turn signals; this is a necessary step for those that want to make an off-road bike street legal. Having a street legal bike precludes the need for a trailer to get to favourite riding spots.

Integrated functionality within the handlebar hand guards is a good way of adding more safety features with the installation of only one accessory. Both mirrors and turn signals enhance safety when riding off-road. These items are necessary if one is to get the motorcycle licensed. Even if licensing the bike is not a consideration, mirrors allow riders to keep track of riding partners when they are behind. Turn signals allow communication of directional intentions to other riders.


Installation of motorcycle handlebar guards is a relatively simple procedure and normally the end user can install the guards by simply following the directions included with the package. Since the installation of hand guards is intuitive and simple consumers need only a few basic tools as highlighted in the table below. Most homeowners have these tools as part of their tool kit, but for those that do not have tools on hand, a trip to a local hardware store should suffice.



Razor Knife

Cut the ends off the hand grip

Phillips Screwdriver

To tighten the screws that hold the guard

Adjustable Wrench

To tighten any bolts that may be necessary

The first step in installing hand guards is to take a few quiet moments to look over the specific instructions sent with the product. Although the procedure is quite similar for many products, it is best to read the specific instructions for this particular installation to ensure that the procedure is handled safely and efficiently. If errors are made, the cost of soliciting the help of a professional can be costly for a simple project.

The next step after removing, and inventorying the items that came with the package, is to remove the material at the end of the handgrip to expose the hollow interior of the handlebar. This hollow space is important to the mounting and stability of the hand guards. Carefully remove only enough of the material on the end of the hand grip to expose the hollow interior with the razor knife. Ensure that cutting is performed with the sharp edge of the razor going away from the installer to prevent injury in the event of a slip.

Once the material has been removed, the consumer should take the clamps that came with the kit and install them loosely around the handlebar. It is helpful at this point to tighten the clamps tight enough so that they do not slide around effortlessly but can be moved with a bit of exertion. The kit should have throttle tube inserts; insert these into the hollow centre of the handlebar after they are attached to the hand guard. Attach the other end of the guard to the clamp that is loosely installed onto the handlebar and gently tighten the screws tightly enough to hold the guard in place but not so tight that it cannot be adjusted by hand. Now adjust the guard so that it is in its optimal position. Once satisfied with the fit, tighten the screws or bolts tightly.

How to Buy Motorcycle Hand Guards on eBay

Buying motorcycle handlebar hand guards on eBay is very simple. Simply start out by typing the words 'motorcycle handlebar hand guards' into the search field at the top of the eBay web page. This results in a return of multiple types and styles of hand guards. If you select a generic search term like "motorcycle" you might be inundated with links to products you do not want. You can either re-start your search or simply filter according to specifications. If you have a specific price range, location of the seller, or model in mind, you can filter accordingly. Alternatively, if you are overly specific in your search, the search feature may not return any options.

The selections are neatly arranged with a photo and description of the product. eBay has several options to help you in your search; distance, location, and buying format can be used as discriminators to limit your search to the items that interest you. Once the right product is found, purchasing the product is equally simple. Simply select one of the buying formats and proceed to the checkout. At the checkout a variety of payment methods are available. Most major credit cards are accepted as well as other forms of acceptable payment.


There are many products on the market to decrease a rider’s chances of injury in the event of a mishap. Helmets are the most common and well known of these products. The head however, is not the only thing that requires protection when riding a motorcycle. The operators’ hands and feet are important factors in the safe operation of a motorcycle as they are the control points through which the motorcycle is controlled. Braking the motorcycle is accomplished with the right foot and the right hand for the back and front tyres respectively. The operator’s right-hand controls the throttle on most motorcycles and the left foot is used for shifting the gears. It is easy to see how damaging one of these control points could cause the motorcycle to become uncontrollable. Some riders forget to consider the protection of their hands or rely on gloves to protect them. Gloves are a good idea and can protect hands from certain types of threats. Hand guards provide another level of protection to the operator’s hands while operating the motorcycle.

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