Motorcycle Muffler Buying Guide

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Motorcycle Muffler Buying Guide

A muffler is an essential part of the motorcycle's exhaust system. Its location is at the end of an exhaust pipe and its main task is to deaden the sound of gases escaping the internal-combustion engine. In order to protect the environment and reduce noise pollution, learn about the features of motorcycle mufflers and opt for one suitable for your ride.


Types of Exhaust Systems

The exhaust systems fall into two distinct categories: muffler only and full system. The full system includes everything from the engine block to the rear side of the bike, meaning that you need to replace the entire exhaust system. The slip-on exhaust system replaces only the muffler and you can leave the factory headpipes in place. The latter system is less expensive and easier to install, although the full system provides larger performance upgrades.


Muffler Sounds

Generally, motorcycles are quite noisy. It is arguable whether this is a good or bad thing, as it depends on the person and personal preferences. Quite often, noisy motorcycles allow riders to express a certain attitude and personality. Fortunately, some manufacturers even provide sound clips for mufflers, allowing you to decide how you would like your motorcycle to communicate with the world.


Muffler Materials

Aluminium is one of the lease expensive metals for producing exhaust pipes and mufflers and it is good for its light weight. However, titanium and carbon fibre are also rather light, although more expensive. In terms of durability and cost, stainless steel is popular amongst many motorcycle owners, while chromed steel allows owners to create a certain look. The material selection largely comes down to the looks.


Muffler Types

In terms of design, mufflers fall into two large categories: absorption type and baffled. In the absorption type of muffler, the gases pass through a tube where the fibreglass covering absorbs the high frequency sounds. In the baffled muffler, the gases pass through a series of welded-in baffles that block the low frequencies. Commonly, modern mufflers actually use both of these technologies at once.


Picking a Muffler

The choice of a muffler for your motorcycle depends on the purpose of the replacement. If you only require a cosmetic upgrade, you could go for any muffler. However, if you are looking into upgrading your motorcycle's performance, the selection is much narrower. Good quality mufflers produce only a little noise and provide more horsepower. When trying to optimise the overall performance of the motorcycle, you should also look into upgrading its other parts, although even little alterations to the exhaust system could do wonders.

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