Motorcycle Training - CBT, DAS, and test.

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Cornwall Bike Training are a DSA approved and registered training body (ATB) . But your motorbike training will be similar wherever you undertake it.

Your CBT (compulsory basic training)  is a course not a test! Almost all  trainees complete the course in one day with Cornwall Bike Training. You choose a machine to suit you and your intended future riding for the course. We have  automatic ("twist  and go") 50cc scooters, or 125cc geared motorcycles specially for the CBT courses. (Later on you might choose to progress your training for a full motorcycle license on our 500cc motorcycles. All our machines are serviced and kept in top condition by our own factory trained engineer, and checked daily for peace of mind and your safety on the road).

Your CBT covers basic two-wheeled riding techniques. All equipment is included in our prices (Helmet, Jacket, gloves, boots and motorcycle, plus the CBT certificate on completion).  After an introduction to the course and the safety equipment in our separate classroom you will starting on our own specially designed training area, overlooking St Michael's mount, where we have laid out various road-awareness exercises where the beginner can learn and practice the basics of  stopping, starting, moving off, and gain an understanding of basic motorcycle skills.  When you have completed the off-road part of the course to the satisfaction of your instructor, which usually takes around half a day, you will be taken back for lunch before the next part of the course

After lunch, and providing you and your instructor are happy that you have got the basics, you will be heading onto the open road to put the morning's lessons into practice- in radio contact with and under the supervision of your highly experienced instructor. You will be going through the road safety aspects of road signs, other road users, road surfaces, observation, various elements of different speed areas and appropriate speed for the conditions, safety planning and awareness. Generally this will last for most of the afternoon.  At the end of the course the instructor should be satisfied that you now have the necessary skills to receive your CBT-certificate. 


You will be training on a 500cc motorcycle.  First your instructor will check that you have the basic skills from the CBT to get you started on-site (off the road) with the basic control of a larger motorcycle. If you have already completed a CBT you can start training straight away on a 500cc machine.  There is no set time limit, but most candidates progress quickly on the on-site part of the course and are soon out on the road with their instructor, always in radio contact.

Your training is undertaken on much of the actual test route whenever practical so that you will be familiar with the test roads, and the test procedure before your big day.

Everything is provided- helmet, gloves, jacket and boots, and motorcycle. The course fee includes the tuition, equipment, fuel, test fee, and the motorcycle on test day and the test.  There is nothing else to pay, and no hidden extras.

Cornwall Bike Training instructors are amongst the best in the industry, and highly regarded by ex-students and test examiners.  Our bikes are clean and well maintained, in top shape to help you pass your test. Instructors are patient will bring on your skills, and help you iron out any weaknesses.  As well as preparing you for the test they will also be showing you safe riding techniques on a variety of town and rural roads over the three our four days of your course (including test day) and helping you acquire these skills for a lifetime of safe and enjoyable motorcycling.

We have a maximum student -instructor ratio of 2-1 to ensure individual attention and a quality learning experience




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