Motorcycle Transport collection and delivery service

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How to choose a motorcycle transporter.

Things to look for when choosing a suitable motorcycle transporter/courier:

1:  Do they only move motorcycles or also other general items such as furniture, building materials, machinery etc?

                If no, then check for specific insurances such as motorcycle vehicle transport cover. Motorcycles carry a higher insurance risk to insurers such as theft, damage and fire risk during transportation and hence attract a higher insurance premium cost. Commercial carriers have goods in transit (GIT) insurance cover to insure customers goods. Carriers who rarely move motorcycles compared to other general goods would not usually justify the added insurance cover. 

              If yes, then ask to view a copy of the carriers motorcycle cover. No reputable motorcycle carrier would have an issue with showing their insurance cover if asked.

2:  What type of vehicle will the carrier use to transport the motorcycle?

                Most carriers will use an enclosed vehicle such as a panel van or truck. Some may opt to use a trailer, enclosed box or open type flat bed or motorcycle trailer.  

3:  Does the carrier have suitable equipment to load and secure the motorcycles?

             Dependant on the type of vehicle used, most carriers will have a professional fixed folding ramp that is load rated to safely  allow loading of the motorcycle. Some may have a hydraulic tail lift. Trailers may have a drop down ramp.  Non fixed temporary ramps that are used to lie on the back ledge of the van have a  tendency to slide or bounce during loading and usually require two people to safely use. Be aware of carriers who use planks of wood they are unlikely to be professional motorcycle carriers and may not have relevant insurances either.
             Other items such motorcycle wheel chocks to secure the front wheel are used to steady the bike in transit. Ratchet tie down straps are used to secure and prevent the motorcycle falling over while in transit usually around the handlebar area and frame or footrest brackets. 

4:   Check transporters feedback and resume. Have a look at their website for testimonials or history of past motorcycle transportation. Most carriers use social media to advertise recent work and connect with a customer base this is also a good place to view feedback and other customers experiences as well as getting a feel for the company.   Many transport websites advertising cheap transportation do not allow direct contact with the carrier by means of a blind bidding process. This is to increase competition and drive down prices but also prevents customers vetting and checking a carriers suitability for motorcycle transportation.

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