Motorola batteries (how to spot the best of the fakes)

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Please be careful with non standard batteries that look genuine, i work in mobile phone industry and have seen a fair few faulty motorola look-a-like batteries just recently.

Im not saying all non standard ones are iffy but the ones claiming to be genuin but fail the UV test do seam to be the worst offenders and the ones that look the most like a real one

The UV test you may be wondering, hmm whats that, simply put.... take the battery in question and place under a UV lamp (not always easy to find i know but a lot of shops have them for money forgery detecting) the hologram section will light up in the horizontal bars that have a diamond pattern whilst the rest will not, also the white section (with all the safty gubbins) will glow purple-ish.

The V3 versions also have the words of the french warning running into each other (as tho there are no spaces)

Hope this helps at least one person out there in ebay land

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