Motorola replacement fascias from AwakingDragon

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I'd bought a second hand Motorola V500 which worked fine but was scratched and dirty so I thought I'd get a replacement fascia. There were dozens to choose from and it looked so easy and impressive.Then I found a listing to help with the changeover process and thought I was flying!


Don't buy these kits unless you're a real mobile phone buff. The instructions I bought from a seperate seller showed me how to disassemble beautifully and then said...wait for it..." now do everything in reverse". What????

 I'd bought from the same seller a desktop charger with spare battery. "That'll do me" I thought ( like Billy Connolly).

They'd sent the wrong charger and no cable. After a while I worked out that I had to use the wall charger cable but that didn't help as it didn't fit the phone.So I sent them an email. 


I sent 3,yes three, emails which were ignored and I only got some response when in frustration I left neutral feedback. They emailed me asking to retract and assuring of their good intentions, only to follow up with another email saying that they'd refund me if I sent everything back at my own expense! To Singapore!

So my message is this...I'm sure there are some very good kits out there, so why aren't they in the UK? Because they're really junk and noone's going to go to the expense of sending stuff back in case they get no refund. Buyer beware!!!!

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