Moulding your own chocolate for favours

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Most buyers are misguided within the choice to make their own wedding favours. Sellers will bring you to the conclusion that buying there high quality chocolate and easy to use moulds will cut the cost and make your wedding favours cheaper in order to sell their products. The truth is chocolate can not just be melted and moulded back into shape. Tempering is a process that heats and cools the chocolate at specific temperatures and allows the crystals of the cocoa butter to be re-established so that you have a smooth, shiny and firm piece of chocolate. If this process is not followed you end up with Bloom after a few days..which is a white discolouring and grainy surface which makes the chocolate very unappealing and unusable, most buyers result in scrapping the process and further costs are incurred for a professional service.  Please bare in mind that sometimes a profesional service normally cuts costs, not adds. Beware when buying from rogue sellers, working from there own kitchens on ebay and also read customer reviews.
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