Mounting a flat screen LCD or PLASMA TV on the wall

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If you want to mount your LCD TV or Plasma TV on the wall but you are unsure which bracket is suitable or how to go about deciding which type of bracket to buy we hope the information below is helpful. It can be confusing and complicated with so many different options available for your flat panel tv such as floor stands, tabletop stands, Low profile wall mounts, tilting and canteliver wall brackets. In this guide we will look at the wall-mount category. There is certainly a love with the concept of mounting a slick, flat-panel TV on a wall, like we’re hanging a Picasso painting. After all, it is a very intriguing concept – especially when one compares it to a monstrous projection TV that can easily overpower an entire room. Even today‘s sleekest, big-screen digital TVs simply can’t stir up the same emotions as a great looking, wall-mounted LCD or plasma monitor. So with this recent increase in demand by consumers expressing interest in mounting their flat-panel TVs on the wall, in contrast to supporting them with tabletop or floor stands, accessory manufacturers iMOUNT Ltd are keeping up with the demand by developing a wide range of wall-mount solutions that you can find in a wide range of high street reatailers and online stores. The iMOUNT range is one of the market leaders when it comes to designing flat-panel wall mounts that complement consumer lifestyles, while still optimizing the home entertainment experience. The iMOUNT wall mounts allow you to easily mount your flat-panel TV in any interior environment – from living room to kitchen, to bedroom or home theater. These wall mounts are universal and have been engineered for ultimate flexibility, allowing for compatibility with virtually every LCD and plasma monitor on the market. iMOUNT products are built to exact specifications from the most durable materials available. Strict quality control and a lifetime gaurantees are provided. Plasma & LCD Wall Mounts When you’re considering which flat-panel wall mount to buy, the size and weight of your monitor should be among your first considerations. For example, the iMOUNT 101 LCD WALL BRACKET can accommodate a 10” - 24” LCD monitor that weighs up to 15kg's. It’s extremely versatile, offering three pivot points and a variable tilt function, so you can fine-tune your desired viewing angle to perfection. It features a compact, space-saving design, is easy to install and will really compliment your new flatscreen TV. There are excellent wall mounts on the market that are capable of supporting flat-panel TV monitors up to 50" inches in size, such as the iMOUNT 1008. Highlights include an extremely flexible, variable tilt function) and two pivot points. When you wall-mount a monitor that big, it simply doesn’t make sense to have more than two pivot points. However, if you would prefer a wall mount design that’s a bit simpler, there are certainly models out there that offer a single pivot point. Some wall mounting products don’t offer any pivot points at all. It all depends on your preference. In terms of meeting the needs of flat-panel TV consumers, accessory manufacturers are finally covering all the bases and then some. LCD in the Kitchen While many consumers are using an LCD monitor in their home theater, LCDs are also entertaining people in other parts of the home, such as the kitchen. The iMOUNT 007 is the newest flat-screen mount by iMOUNt and it is designed for under-cabinet LCD applications, which are becoming increasingly common in the kitchen. This new space-saving solution offers a really convenient flip-up feature, allowing you to flip an LCD screen up and under the cabinet, completely out of the way. The under-cabinet feature allows for extra counter space and spares the screen from your unavoidable daily kitchen splatters and messes. So you can easily view the LCD from any angle, the iMOUNT 007 LCD kitchen wall mount bracket utilizes a very convenient “turn and tilt” feature. One of the other really nice benefits of this product is that it locks in the “up and under the cabinet” position. In conclusion, if you’re thinking about buying a plasma or LCD TV, or if you already own one, it’s important to consider your mounting accessories as a critical component of your home entertainment system. This is accurate whether you’re preference is a floor or tabletop stand, or wall-mount system. Even though flat-panel mounting is the primary purpose of these accessories, they’re more specifically designed to optimize your home entertainment experience. This is especially true when it comes to your viewing angle. I don’t know about you, but I love the concept of being able to tilt and turn the TV in as many positions as today’s mounting technology will allow. But I also expect my flat-panel TV to be safe. Of course, this is an especially crucial issue when it comes to wall-mounting your plasma or LCD monitor. This is when your flat-panel TV is most vulnerable, so strength and quality are paramount. When it comes right down to it, a flat-panel mounting system is no different than any other consumer product. We all want something that’s high quality, looks great, is available at a fair price, and reflects our lifestyle. If you want a flat-panel mounting solution that fulfills those requirements, it’s comforting to know that you can find one.
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