Mounting cymbals

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Many drummers just tighten their cymbals up as tight as they go. This is not good! First thing, make sure you have felt on both sides of the cymbal - This is vital. Felts give the cymbal extra cushion which protects it from extra stress.  It is also vital that there's sleeve (often a piece of nylon tube) on the thread of the stand.  This 'sleeve' prevents metal-to-metal contact!  Once you have both felts and sleeve on the cymbal stand tighten the wing nut only hand tight. The cymbal should move freely. Too much tension will result in an excess of stress in the center of the cymbal.  A good guide to the tension here is the cymbal should move enough not to be stressed and not too much to hit the stand or stands around it. 


Away from the use of cymbal felts there are many new products on the market that put a 'new take' on cymbal mounting - See below


Check out products such as: Cymbal crowns, Tama QC8, Aquarian cymbal springs.

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