Mr2 owners guide

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Within the Mr2 world it is imperitive that we find parts for our beloved motors that are cheap and affordable, therefore if you need a part for your Mr2 do not go straight to toyota, you'll only be shocked and dissapointed!!

   There are many dealers online that do most  parts for your Mr2 including Mr2ben, GTSchris on ebay is a good source,  is also a great way to find your spare parts and tuning components, this is a forum based owners club that any mr2 owner must join to appreciate their car.

    I have been an owner and tuner for over 4 years and can answer many questions you may have and give advise and tips to gain power safely and reliably, It's my passion, and I do it purely because I love the mr2.. I also have lots of spares too. so please ask any questions you may have whether its a problem you're suffering or you just need a walk-through-talk-through on fitting a part.

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