Mspa inflatable hot tub - My latest follow up 8/8/12

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I feel the need to write a follow up to my Mspa guide as there have been some very surprizing, and frankly quite scarey developemnts over the past week...
After I fitted the new control box into my spa shell, the spa worked well for another 2 weeks, only!
Firstly I noticed that the spa motor seemed to be having a hard time starting up, but after a few moments, it would gradually get up to speed.
Then on the evening in question, I turned it on and happily slipped into its comforting bubbles, which sooth my chronic backach, untill I noticed a smell of burning. At first I condiered it was a neighbours BBQ, except this smelled oddly like burning plastic...I was just about to get out of my spa to investigate further, when it abruptly switched itself off, as the RCD had tripped.
To my horror I saw smoke coming from the RCD plug in my wall socket!!
I yelled for my husband to help, as well as asking if there had been a power outage.
"Not that I have noticed" he shrugged, and then recoiled as he tried to unplug the RCD saying it had burned his fingers, and could only pull it out with the aid of a clean, dry tea-towell.
On inspection the housing that once contained the fuse was compleatly melted away, leaving the fuse blackened, burnt and exposed.
The next day I took photos and sent them to both China and the new UK dealership, with an explanation of what happened, and I think under these circumstances I am now within my rights to inform Trading Standards because someone could get seriously hurt or worse, by somthing like this, and I simply could not have that on my conscience, if I had not chosen to speek out. (or indeed not posted my guides here either)
...more to follow...

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