Mullard Capacitor Buying Guide

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Mullard is known for making high quality capacitors that create a rich sound. Mullard capacitors are used commonly in electric guitars and related equipment to adjust the tone of instruments. Before buying a Mullard capacitor, guitarists should learn more about the types of products available.


Overview of Mullard Capacitors

Mullard creates a type of audio capacitor. Current models have the same design as vintage Mullard capacitors. They are passive electronic components that store energy in the form of an electrostatic field. They consist of two plates that conduct electricity, separated by a non-conductive insulating material called the dielectric. The amount of energy stored in the capacitor depends on the size of the conductive plates and the type of material used as a dielectric. Capacitors with greater energy capacity create deeper, darker tones. Mullard capacitors are often used as part of the system inside electric guitars and other pieces of equipment, such as amplifiers, stomp boxes, and tonal pedals.


Mullard C296 Polyester Capacitors

Mullard C296 polyester capacitors are also known as Mullard mustard capacitors because of their colour. The model was released in 1958, but is still popular. These capacitors contain a polyester dielectric that works as an excellent insulator. Although they were originally designed for guitar amps, they feature in a range of electric guitar components. Mullard mustard capacitors have a high heat resistance, which means that they continue to work even in devices that start to get hot after extended use. They are also highly water resistant. Mullard 296 polyester capacitors create an even, rich tone that many musicians prefer to the sound created by capacitors with ceramic or paper dielectrics.


Mullard C280 Miniature Metallised Polyester Film Capacitors

Mullard C280 miniature metallised polyester film capacitors are more commonly known as tropical fish capacitors. This name comes from their colourful stripes. Mullard C280 capacitors were released in 1964, and are used commonly in 1960s-era stomp boxes and tube amplifiers. They make excellent additions to modern or vintage wah pedals because they create a richer, more authentic vintage sound. These capacitors have high insulation resistance, and are heat and water resistant.

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