Multiple Purchases

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Postage - Don't forget when you purchase multiple items off a seller, make sure you contact them and ask for a combined postage price. Otherwise you end may end up paying postage & packing for each item you have purchased from that seller.
If you are selling internationally it is unwise to sell heavy goods as the price can go sky high. A typical game console with games posting abroad can be anything up to £50. Make sure you clearly display the the postage fee, i like to put the postage fee when im describing an item in the discription box, im selling so customers can see it clearly.  If you are not sure on the price take it along to your local post office for an accurate price. the amount of times i have put the wrong price and found my self out of pocket and not actually making a profit on the item im selling i've lost count. Check with the buyer when they need the item  as they may be a hurry to recieve the item, which would mean the postage price would be a lot higher.
Packaging - Some ebayers go to a lot of expense buying brown wrapping and post office package boxes. This is completely fine if the item is fragile and expensive. However if your just selling a for example a second hand t-shirt, i find it a lot cheaper just to buy a roll of cheap black bin bags and wrap the item in a bin bag which is much cheaper.

All ways check postage price
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