Must-Have Brake Line Tools

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Must-Have Brake Line Tools

Brake lines in vehicles transfer brake fluid pressure from master cylinder to other brake parts. Therefore, you should keep them in good condition and avoid corrosion, cracks, and brittle parts. Malfunctioning brake lines are hazardous and could lead to serious accidents. Equip yourself with must-have brake line tools, such as wrenches, tube cutters, and flaring tools, to be ready for any kind of emergency to fix them quickly.


Set of Wrenches

A wrench is a hand tool that allows you to twist or turn the head of a pipe, bolt, or nut. Wrenches come in handy when facing basic brake line work. In fact, you typically need two wrenches if you need to replace a brake line as most brake line connections use a hexagonal fitting on each side. When replacing the line, you have to loosen and tighten these fittings simultaneously, hence the need for two wrenches. Make sure the wrench head is the right size or buy an adjustable wrench that allows for easy size modifications.


Tube Cutter

A tube cutter, or pipe cutter, is a tube removal tool that cuts internally from the inside to the outside of a tube behind the tube sheet on one end of a brake line. It is a tool for dealing with tubing material in industrial applications. A small tube cutter allows you to cut metal brake lines to the size you need. The cut is quick, even, and more precise than the cut that you would achieve with a hacksaw. The end of the cut remains clean and suffers minimal fraying. However, if you still face some fraying, you can smooth it out with a small metal file.


Flaring Kits

Brake line flaring is a process of adding a flare to the end of the brake line in order to ensure a leak-proof connection. Brake lines from auto parts stores generally have some flaring already, but you may have to cut them into the right size and add your own flare. When purchasing flaring kits that include everything you need for this process, make sure you get the proper size for your car. The size of the flare measurement is in degrees. A flaring tool resembles a pitchfork with three prongs, two of them attach to the tubing clamp that holds the brake line and the third one actually flares the brake line.

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