Must have Ps3 Games!!!!!!!!

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Must Have PS3 games !!!!!!!

First all of hello and Welcome to Ps3 Must haves in my Opinion


1. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Key Features : 16 Player Online , Huge variety of maps and weapons, Very Addictive , One player Game is Very Good and has many different challenges

2. Grand Theft Auto IV

Key Features: 16 players online , Many different Games , Over 100 hours of Game Play , Good Graphics , Free Roaming , Lots of Hidden Extras , Customizable Online Charecter

3. Metal Gear Sold Guns Of the Patriot

Key Features: Online , Very Strategic , Lots of weapons , Challenging for Gamers , Full of Action , Superb Graphics ,

4. Restistance Fall of Man

Key Features: 32 players Online , Story mode is Co-op , Lots of Weapons , Full of Action , Very Entertaining , Full of Suprises , Challenging For Gamers, Very Addictive , Variation of Online Games

5. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Key Features: Over 100 hours of Gameplay , Many cups to win and Compete in , Online Avoid lags , Very Addictive , Lots of Hidden Extras ,

6. Devil May Cry 4

Key Features: Over 50 hours of Gameplay , Lots of Monsters to battle , Full of Action , Very Addictive , Challenging For Gamers , Must for Devil May cry Fans, Great Graphics

Ones for the Future


1. Resident Evil 5

Key Features: Co-op , Online , Solid Gameplay ,Very Good Graphics , If you like Resident Evil 4 You will love it

2. Golden Axe Ps3

Key Features: 3D Graphics , Battle of Monsters , If you like Golden Axe on 1+2 on the Sega you will love it,

3. Final Fantasy XIII

Key Features: Great Graphics , Over 100 Hours Of Gameplay , Solid Gameplay , Full of Action




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