My First Bad ebay Experience as a Buyer *READ FEEDBACK*

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I Have just had my first BAD EBAY EXPERIENCE AS A BUYER!!  I bought some jeans and paid through Paypal.  I should have paid more attention to the feedback though.  The seller said that they were sent by 1st class recorded mail on Sunday 22nd April !!!  After numerous messages back and forth the seller accepted no responsibility and asked me to chase Royal Mail.  Yes, that is fine in theory, but even though I requested the Recorded Delivery Tracking Number it was never provided. I then said that I would report it though Paypal, and finally gave them opportunity to resolve the matter.  At this point I got no response at all, and I have had none since.

I have now had a really good look at their feedback and yes they do have a feedback score in excess of 3000, but if you really look at it, in the typically british way, people have complained, yet still given a positive feedback. They have also received 22 negative feedback in the last 12 months and 41 mutually withdrawn negative feedback.

Surely ebay has a duty to protect the honest public from such Rogue Traders!!

I have learned a valuable lesson
. Please check feedback thoroughly in order to get a true picture of the calibre of person that you may be dealing with.  And above all do not be frightened to leave a negative feedback if you have a bad experience. We all rely on each other to help to provide a safe place to trade.

I have since heard from the seller, who in response to my leaving negative feedback, left negative feed back for me.  They then emailed me to say, That I would be refunded my money, when I had withdrawn the negative feedback that I left for them. I pointed out that I would not be  held to ransom for the refund that I am legally entitled to and that in order to make the rest of the ebay community aware, I would not withdraw the negative feedbackWithin minutes I did receive my refund. But I am lucky, in a past life I was an Accredited Credit Management Consultant and I was prepared to issue Court Proceedings if necessary.  So Please Be careful, stand your ground and do not allow yourself to be bullied. If you have been honest the law will support you.

On the minus side I am left with totally undeserved negative feedback!

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