My Recent Negative Feedback Recieved-Read On.....

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                                                                   14th November 2007.

                                                             THOMPSONEDGE (39)


I know this isn't exactly the sort of Guides&Reviews that your used to reading but i find it unbelievably frustrating just the thought of the negative feedback other ebayers have read for me, i suppose most people who read upon feedback profiles judge the person on the negative and not the 52 out of 55 of the positive. Do any of you every sit and think that there's a lot of real and genuine people/ebayers out there and not just out for what & who they can skank and rip-off. Up untill 2 or 3 weeks ago i had glowing feedback status with a rating of (36)100%. this i prided myself upon and then recently, within this last 2-3 weeks my personal and home circumstances have become prioroty, having 2 leave my items and payments for posting on the back burner 4 a short while.

I have 1 child, my 18month old son, who recently became very ill with Meningitus and was in hospital for 10 days until he became better and fit enough to go home just a few days ago. Without going too much into a sob story as some people reading this may think it's just that but are very wrong, me and my partner were unbelievably beside ourselves in a way i can't really describe, knowing what the possibility's were should our little boy not have had the strength to fight off the illness. I had nothing else on my mind throughout that 10 days, only now just getting over it, so as far as my ebay buyers and sellers i'd purchased from were concerned they'd have to wait to recieve there items and payments, i hardly even had chance or remembered to check my ebay and emails which were bombarded with angry messages regarding items i'd bought and items bought from myself, also was 3 disputes filed against me, 2 of which i recieved strikes for. Immediatly i contacted each and every buyer and seller with massive apologies and short explanation as to why i'd not been communicating with anyone regarding posting items and payments. Some were genuine and understanding but 1 or 2 wern't very nice at all refusing to have the strike lifted on me telling me that i deserved the strike given. Basically my point 2 all of this is to explain to anyone reading why iv'e got some negative feedback, i'm not no rip-off skanking con artist or anything, and also please take into consideration that apart from the 3 or son negatives iv'e got iv'e also got around 50'odd positive.

thanx to all who have been reading




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