My Sims on the Nintendo Wii

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MySims is the latest in the platinum selling franchise made by Maxis. However, MySims is very little like its predecessor. It's more like Animal Crossing than anything else. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on whether you enjoyed the cutesy atmosphere of the Animal Crossing games. If you are wanting a cute game with colourful environments and a lot of missions and tasks to do, MySims may be your game. If your looking for a game where you can socially interact with other people in the game environment and look after your characters by going to the toilet and sleeping, this isn't your game.

You take the role of a builder, an all-around handyman. Your job is turn the town that has asked for your help back to a five star town by building houses and enticing people to live in the town. You need to talk to people in the town to get tasks which can increase your star rating.

Starting the game is very easy, you pick a town name and a character name. This then takes you to designing your character. The MySims method of creating characters is far easier than that of any Sims game. You just point the Wiimote at the different parts (hair, legs etc) and press A and it will change the style. However, one thing the creation mode is lacking is the deep customisation, such as changing the height, width and nose size. This takes a bit away from the game. You can tell as you play, that unlike in the Sims, you can't create a fat punk alien.

I mentioned earlier about the building aspect of the game. This is a mixed affair. Building houses is both easy and extremely enjoyable. You just stack the pieces on top of one another to build your house, which enables you to make a lot of wacky designs. Later in the game you will be asked to make a club for a DJ or a restaurant for a chef. You go to the hotel to pick up new residents and then build them a house using the simple building system. It's that easy. This is by far the most fun part of the game. However, building objects such as fridges or beds can get complicated. You are given a blueprint of each item. You then have to put the pieces in the right places. This can get annoying when the pieces go no where near where you are pointing. But after you have followed the blueprint, you can add your own little touches and also paint them how you want.

As well as customising objects, you can customise the inside of ever house you build. You can change furniture, change wallpaper and move things around, even change the design of the building. This is brilliant if you get bored of the inside of building or even the outside.

As you progress through the game, you earn items such as crowbars and saws to get rid of barriers, giving you more room to expand your town. By opening up new areas you can gain new essences. Essences are collectables that can be used to customise your objects and buildings. However some essences are annoyingly hard to find. As you unlock new areas and gain more essences you feel you have accomplished something, plus more people will start moving to your town.

MySims presentation is pretty mediocre. Graphically, we are pretty much on the same level as Animal Crossing on the Gamecube, except the characters and buildings are a bit smoother, but nothing all that spectacular here. (In fact, the game’s frame-rate chugs regularly) The music can get very irritating at times, so much so that you occasionally press mute.

Overall, My Sims is an average game. It has a simple, but inituitive customisation and building system, but the tasks can get repetitive quickly. If you are looking for a Sims game based around social interaction, this is not it. But if you want a game where you can customise your environment, then My Sims is perfect for you.
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