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Official eBay Guide - My True Weightloss Story -  A Busy Mother With 3 Kids, I Lost Over 33 Pounds - Here's How:


My name is Simone Burke  from London UK, im a casual ebayer and I wanted to share my weight loss story with you. I am not a
celebrity, mad fitness fanatic, or a person that has tons of money for a personal trainer. I am just a wife/mum who found out about
fat burning formula that worked better than all the famous diets like Atkins, Low Carb and South Beach. Now I have descovered the
slimming secret that they have been using in Brazil for over 400 years. In this guide, I will discuss the weight loss revolution that is
Acai, and which Acai products are the best for shedding those pounds fast. I will also spill the beans on which other product you
can use with acai to rapidly speed up your results and melt the fat off in no time!

Read My Story and Get Real Results Next Time You Want To Lose Weight!

Firstly let me introduce myself. My husband Alan and I have been married for 12 years. We have 2 boys and one girl. Our eldest
son is 14, and our bright eyed little girls are, Emily 8 and Stacy, 5. The girls do netball together after school, however recently our son
joined the school football team and also keen on martial arts twice a week.

This basically means our lives are more hectic with me driving around the kids, trying to remember which day is which practice
or after school activity, who goes where etc. My life is always rush and I never get the time to spend on myself, organise diets
 or to exercise properly.  Im sure my story will inspire you to try what I discovered and finally lose some

Yes thats a picture of me at my all time heaviest and right before my life changed when I started using Acai HP and Hoodia 9000.
These are the 2 products that, when combined, literally stripped the fat off my body almost immediately. Read My Story Below!

How I Put On My Extra Weight and Lost My Curves

Ok 49 pounds is a little more than extra, but anyways :) used to weigh 125 lbs. I was never model skinny, but I was nice and slim.
I had a cute bum and my husband always made me feel great. After the birth of my first son, I put on about 13 pounds.
But then I slowly lost it over the next 2 years. Just being active and running around with my first child seemed to keep me from
getting heavier.

Then I became pregnant again and I gained back my old weight and then some. This time the weight didnt seem to be
dropping off like before. This time I never got below 142 and I started to feel a little crappy about the way I looked. But hey, at this
point I was a mum whos had two kids,. And I still looked young. Finally, after my third child was born I weighed in at 174 pounds!

I felt uncomfortable in my own body. I stopped going out and socialising with friends. I felt ugly and fat. It was then that I decided
to start dieting and tried all the brand-name diets like Atkins, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, Nutri-slim, South Beach, bought diet
products advertised inside Fitness magazines, etc.

I Tried Every Product I Could Find And I Still Couldnt Shift The Weight!

You name it, and I tried it, diet pills, weight loss programs, fat burners, metabolism boosters, appetite surpressants etc etc. I even tried the
one that Anna Nicole Smith was promoting on TV for a while, but all I ended up with was a lighter purse from wasting my money on
products that didnt work. Yes, I would maybe lose 8-9 lbs or so then I would gain it right back and even with a bit more on top!.
I was so frustrated with these programs since all I achieved was going up and down in weight without lasting results.

So, I just gave up. I started eating more and more because I was depressed and was in a downward spiral. At my heaviest,and saddest,
I weighed 184lbs, and started to hate myself and even avoid mirrors!. My husband stopped complementing my figure and I was low.

Most people believe that overweight people get that way because they are lazy. Truth is, many woman gain extra weight because of
general day to day life. Kids, work, school, driving around running errands. It all takes time from our day. And it is all so exhausting.

Who wants to come home after a full day of work, then drive our kids around to their practices or help the kids with their
homework while cooking dinner, put kids to sleep, and then try to make a dash to the gym? That is insane and I am not superwoman!.
By the time one day finishes, im busy preparing stuff for the day after so I dont fall behind. Theres no room for personal workouts etc.

This has nothing to do with laziness. People have lives and that may not necessary include going to a gym. I tried all the diet
programs that people have swear by. I really did try them. But nothing that worked. I felt hopeless that this was just the way
I was going to look forever. Then I saw one TV show that changed my life.

I Was Watching TV, When I Saw Something That Turned My Life Around!

It was one TV show that changed my life. I would not say I owe my life to Oprah Winfrey, but I would say that if I had not been
watching when a Dr. Perricone came on to talk about a newly discovered superfood called the Acai Berry, I would probably still be fat.

Dr. Perricone is a very credible gentleman. He is the professor of surgery at Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine,
where he received his MD. He has authored over 250 original publications, books and medical guides. I trusted
Oprah not to have shady doctors on, so I had a feeling this was not one of those too good to be true products.


Dr. Perricone spoke about a new berry from the Amazon Rainforest called Acai (pronounced ah-sa-hee). It is much more powerful than
pomegranate or red wine. And they can be put into easy to take supplement capsules. But the part that hooked me was when Dr.
Perricone explained how Acai helps you lose weight by reducing hunger and raising energy levels.

My Research Into The Acai Berry And its Benefits

Acai seemed like the product I had been waiting to find all along. Plus, after I saw that show I found out that even The Times,
Guardian and Independent
have been covering the health benefits of Acai berries. Here are some quotes I found from various
UK news sources while I was researching the Acai Berry Revolution:

The Times Online

"Research has shown that the quality antioxidants present in acai are uniquely powerful – 50 times greater than mangoes,
more than five times greater than in blueberries and almost twice as much as pomegranates."

The Guardian UK

"Acai is also the ultimate superfruit, its reddish skin containing anthocyanins (plant chemicals that neutralise the ‘free radicals’
associated with disease and ageing) and other antioxidants. Super antioxidant Power Berry!”

The Daily Telegraph

"Some people call it the youthberry, others call it Botox in a bottle. Either way, it’s important you learn how to pronounce acai
(ah-sigh-eee), because it looks like it’s going to be big this year."

Other Media & Internet Research

Acai has also been covered by all the major U.S. media and news channels such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC. You will also
find information covered on YouTube, Twitter Facebook and My Space, full of users who have tried this amazing weight loss product.

Not All Acai Is The Same! Dont Be Fooled By Cheap Low Quality Fakes!

The only way to enjoy the true flavour and goodness of  fresh Acai fruit is to live in the Amazon. Sorry, but that’s how it is. The reason
is that when a fruit has fat content, it loses its freshness and begins to decay more quickly than other fruit with less fat. With an average
fat content of of 30% to 50%, Fresh Acai berries start to decay within a day of being picked. This makes export of the fresh fruit impossible.

Therefore all the Acai products currently being sold are made with Acai berries that have been processed in some way. This sounds
straightforward, but it’s not. Some processing is kinder to the Acai fruit and its active ingredients than others, which can mean that
the Acai product you choose may have much less goodness than you’re led to expect, and fall short of being good value for money.

Frozen Acai fruit pulp is to date is the best way to process Acai fruit. The fruit is harvested, the skin and pulp removed and flash frozen
within hours of picking. This process preserves the full synergy of antioxidants, essential and healthy fats, fibres and proteins found in Acai.

Freezing the Acai berry pulp is one of the best ways to transport the fruit to countries around the world. The frozen Acai pulp is then
freeze dried and made into supplements.

Freeze dried products have a higher concentration of nutrients than other processes. This is because water content is removed safely
and without loss, giving the rich pulp a higher concentration of nutrients than the raw fruit itself.

I researched many Acai suppliers until I found the purest, strongest, highest quality Acai on the market!

After looking and researching for over a month, I finally found the Acai product I wanted. There are so many out there, cheap ingredients,
inferior berries etc, however, this product only uses the most selected freeze dried acai berries, packed with super high antioxidant
99% of the other Acai products I investigated were cheap spray dried acai, which destroys many of the nutrients that we actually value the Acai fruit for. There have also been reports of coeliac reactions in some people (due to the maltodextrin when it is wheat based). Typically a spray dried Acai supplement claiming to contain 500mg of Acai per capsule delivers only 300mg of actual Acai. Misleading and somewhat unsatisfactory.

You can buy this Pure Acai product right here on eBay, from an authorised certified distributer.
This store is an authorised supplier of Acai HP and I have been buying from them for years now:

 I found many other cheaper Acai products on here but they are all low quality and sometimes even contain dangerous ingredients.
this is why you should be wary of purchasing cheap Acai products as they will not work at all, and can even harm you.

Note: I found out you can actually try this product for free by qualifying through the official websites, I just added a (dot com)
on the end of the AcaiHP and i found the website. Go to the free trial section and see if you can qualify for a free trial like I did.
I know they are limited daily so check it out asap to make sure you dont miss out. Otherwise just buy it here on eBay
from an authorised distributer. buy it from here

So thanks for reading my guide, I hope to be putting some more up soon so I can help the thousands of others who are trying to get the
same fast weight loss that I did. Good luck and thanks again for reading!

Simone Burke
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