My Vintage Card Designs.... I am getting Tired of...

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Hello to all whom maybe interested.

I have been trading on ebay for many years, unfortunately 3.5 years ago I had a turn for the owrse with my disability. I was bed ridden for almost 18months.

I finally cam back to ebay last Oct, listing my cards as usual... a few days after I received an email from a member asking me to stop copying her cards!! I politely wrote back in shock if anything else and to put this seller right at I was in no way 'copying ' her cards.

I had a look around her shop as you would and found that we made very simular cards, however, it was just the images repro Vintage style that were simular. She asked me to stop!! I refused as I told her I have been making these designs for years. Since then she has repeatedly copied everything I am doing, even buying from the same sellers she has seen on my feedbacks...sad really! even down to the writing in her listings i.e. ' LACE CUT INSERTS' AND NOW offering to personalise the inserts.

I used glitter on my images now so does she... i cut out my images to place with flowers and now,so does she, I add lace, now so does she and so on and so on. The only thing I haven't seen her do is Normal everyday cards like me or Aceos... I guess they will be next!

I have now got protection on my designs NOT the images but the lay outs. I kindly informed her of this for her own good but I recieved a rather abrupt email saying it is infact her that can get me done for copying her??? although she has No copyright. I gave her my registered details and told her I can prove this should she so wish.

I sell alot of my cards off ebay through my own sources and for charities.

There are other sellers, makers,scrap bookers that use the images all the time. this is what she was trying to stop me from using. Little did she know at the time that I am an old hand in Vintage crafts and had an ebay shop many years ago... at the time she wrote to me my feedback score was relatively low, so I can understand her thinking I was new allround.

I think she is getting worse with the copying maybe out of spite or because I sell more than her or maybe as I have power seller status... I do not know, I would not care to judge her as a person as I do not know her. All i know is that I have never copied anything of anyone's it's not fair for a start. I have told her that her cards are beautiful and I am not a nasty person. I just wanted to set the record straight as it appears I have been spoken about regarding me copying her cards. I mix with a lot of crafters and if I love someone's card and wanted to use the idea or design I would be the 1st to ask.

Just wanted to clear this up as some of my buyers have warned me too!

Thank you

God Bless



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