My face hurts! How To Spot Fake Gillette Razor Blades

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It is no news that counterfeit Gillette razor blades (both Mach 3 and Fusion) are being sold both online and offline. 
The copies may look authentic, but beware, you may seriously hurt your face!         

This guide will help you to spot fake Gilette March 3 Turbo and Gilette Fusion Power blades.
Gillette Mach3 Turbo Cartridge
It is enough just to look authentic and fake blades to see that the quality is what makes the difference. Fake cartriges can not match the quality of authentic ones. There are many little deffects both on plastic and metal parts on fakes when compared to authentic ones.
Clue #2: IRREGULAR alignment
The ALIGNMENT or should i say the LACK of Alignment of ALL parts on FAKE blade is a dead giveaway.
AUTHENTIC                               FAKE

AUTHENTIC                               FAKE


The middle blade on the FAKE blade (right) face cartridge is obviously out of alignment and there are noticeable differences in the frame alignment and design when compared to the AUTHENTIC Gillette Mach3 Turbo Cartridge (left).  The metal band on each side of the fake cartridge is bent and not properly aligned to the frame.
Gillette Fusion Cartridge
AUTHENTIC                               FAKE


All Gillette Fusion cartridges will have serial numbers located behind the blades under frame as indicated in picture to the left. The serial number will consist of one letter with four numbers on the left side and one letter with four numbers on the right side. The AUTHENTIC cartridge (left picture) is inscribed with 2605Z on the left side and I4303 on the right side. The Gillette Fusion 4 cartridge pack has the same serial number for all cartridges in the pack.
The counterfeit Gillette Fusion Power cartridge (right picture) will have no serial number on its cartridge frame. There is always a possibility though that counterfeiters will begin to print serial numbers on their cartridges.
Clue #2: IRREGULAR blade alignment!
AUTHENTIC                                FAKE



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