My first major Paypal Problem, it's a bad 'un

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I have just come across my first major problem with paypal.  I sold an ite on 14th January 2008, which made its way to the buyer, received it fine and was over the moon with it.  Now, i make a point of keeping the proof of postage and tracking number for the items i sell for at least 1 month after the sale of an item, just in case.  So this one goes through perfect.  On Friday i received an email from paypal saying a chargeback had been issued from the buyers bank, apparently the sale was unauthorised, i had contact with the buyer before, during and after the sale, the address used was the one he used when he registered with paypal, and the item was recorded delivery, so there must have been someone there to sign for it.  But he has now decided that his card was used without his permission, 3 and a half months later.  I cannot use my paypal account because paypal have placed the funds on hold that he sent all that time ago, putting my account in negative balance.


The buyer has not contacted me about this and i have not received any notification from ebay to say his account was used illegaly, and i am being made to pay for a problem which is not anywhere near my fault, he has decided he wants the money back, which means i am that amount out of pocket, and i probably won't get my goods back.  I am thinking of informing the police where he lives, as technically if this is the case then there is fraud being commited, it also means if he is pulling a fast on, a visit from the plod might make him come clean about it.


Please everyone be aware that when you use paypal you are not as safe as what you may think you are.  3 and a hlaf months down the line i am being screwed for an item which was received and has probably been used to death by now, and i have no way of providing probably the most important info i need, like the proof of postage and tracking.  Please be careful and watch where and to who you are selling.

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