My guide to being a good Ebayer !

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Hello! My wife and I have been selling items on Ebay now for over 3 years and currently have a 100% positive feedback score. We are not an Ebay shop, just private sellers making space in the loft to buy and store more stuff we probably won't use... We have been very fortunate to receive lots of kind words following our sales and as a result, we have been asked a few times how we make our customers so happy. Much of this is simply down to good manners, but here's our advice in a nutshell:-

1. Take a good quality picture of the item - and don't be stingy - take more than one if it genuinely helps a buyer make up thier mind.

2. Be HONEST in the description of the product, and make sure the description is full and detailed including sizes, colours, fabrics, additional stuff like cables or software supplied etc. There really is no point to anyone keeping a secret at this stage so take your time and do it right.

3. We schedule all our items to start at 7pm on a Sunday so it's convenient to buyers to have a browse when the telly isn't too great.

4. Log in very regularly (at least once per day) to answer honestly any questions posted - it's in your interests to do this so don't be lazy!

5. When an item sells, send an invoice straight away. It's courteous and enourages the buyer to send payments quickly too.

6. If payment is made via PAYPAL then immediately package the goods WELL so that they will arrive with the buyer in good condition. Use bubble wrap if the item may break or be damaged - it's dead cheap and saves everyone a lot of hassle in the long run. We tend to use a proper Kraft wrapping paper on larger items also - again to guarantee a safe journey to the buyer. Oh, and does it hurt to thank the buyer for thier swift PAYPAL payment? Of course not - send them a message so they know the goods are on the way.

7. If payment is made via a cheque then contact the buyer to tell them a)when the cheque arrives and b)when it clears, so they are kept informed and know what's going on at each stage. Good communication is key to a smooth transaction in our view and we pride ourselves on keeping buyers informed. Oh, and don't forget to change the order status in Ebay at each stage of progress also.

8. Finally, once the goods have been posted, PLEASE leave feedback for the buyer - again, it's only polite to do so and is the least we can do to thank the buyer for taking our goods and paying for them as promised. 

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