My interpretation of a good Ebayer.

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To me,Ebay is a worldwide auction selling every conceivable thing imaginable.

Unlike a public auction,buyers are unable to personally preview items for sale so rely on what they see on screen.

In order for sellers to get the best price for their items it is very important to provide crisp clear pictures of the item for sale and an accurate description.

For example,i have seen items offered for sale with blurred images and very poor descriptions that leave prospective buyers wondering why some people even bother to try selling in the first place.

Descriptions like,"this is a silver spoon hallmarked".

To a prospective buyer that is no where near enough information and would lead to most people avoiding making a bid.

If a silver or silver plate item is hallmarked it is in your interest,even if you dont understand what it means,to describe fully what you see.

Maybe you see an anchor,a crown,a lion,3 castles,leopards head,2 or more initials .

Whatever you see is very important to buyers because they can look up what you describe and decide,depending on the history of the item,how much they are prepared to bid.

The word 'RARE' often appears in the description of some items but beware,read between the lines here.

One recent example was a seller describing an item as 'RARE' yet could not read the hallmark so how did she/he know it was rare?

I asked that question of the seller and the reply was 'GUT FEELING MATE'.


In other words,do lots of research before offering your items for sale,give buyers all the facts and they can decide how 'RARE' your item is,dont forget,this is a world wide auction watched by professional experts who know what they are looking for and can spot a con at the blink of an eye.

There are many sites on the internet where you can look for information relating to the item you wish to sell and obviously the more information you can offer increases the chance of a better price for your item.

Condition is also very important to buyers so do not describe an item as "mint condition" if there is wear or damage like parts missing,scratches,bent,plate loss or other faults because this could lead not only to bad feedback,but also to a dispute situation which would leave you as a seller,untrustworthy and dishonest.

Any item that you offer for sale is still your property until a bid has been made,and a payment received,and you have to realise that from that point it belongs to someone else and every care must be made to get the item to your buyer in the condition you have described which entails good and sensible packaging.

Also be sensible with packaging costs because i have seen sellers charging £8.50 for postage when it only cost £1.20 and this can only lead to bad feeling and in a lot of cases,NO SALE.

In all,be fair,honest,sensible and accurate and i can assure you that buyers will come back to you time and time again and this will reflect in your feedback.


In order to get close-up pictures of tiny pieces of information like hallmarks,try using a magnifying glass in front of your camera lens.

With careful adjustment you can get crisp clear pictures.

Good luck.



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