My more explained guide to selling/buying reborns

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Hello Everyone! i have done 3 guides already and a year after making them my experience on reborning and reborns have progressed.
May i say that i have sold many more reborn baby dolls and that they key way to sell them is to be honest in your listing after all honesty is the best policy!

My top ten tips to Selling reborn baby dolls:

1. Always say if your reborn has been used or is new.
2. Always explain if the reborn has special details ie. Milk spots
3. Never say ' re-listing due to non paying TIME WASTER' as that can put viewers of buying item
4. Always say very clearly where you will post item to and where you won't post item to
5. Always explain the amount of days the buyer has to pay for item ie. 48 hours
6. Answer questions straight away or your feedback might say ' Seller didn't communicate very well' 
7. Always put 3 pictures or more of your reborn baby so that viewers/buyers can view the baby's detail
8. Say what the baby will come home with
9. Always say what the baby's D.O.B, Length, Weight and Name (optional) is in listing
10. Always say in the listing " Any queries/questions please don't hesitate to ask" so that the viewers/buyers know that they can confide in you for answers.
They are my more explained tips for SELLING a reborn baby doll. But what about Buying?

My top ten tips to Buying reborn baby dolls:

1. Can you see the hair, details and face of baby in pictures? If not don't buy, because you might not be happy with baby if you do buy.
2. Do you have special specifications? look in the Categories box
3.Make sure you buy a baby that's hair looks nice and well looked after and well rooted
4. Don't buy a baby with too much red on their face,hands or feet
5. Don't buy a baby with too much shine on there face,hands or feet
6. Always look at the price of the baby and look at the baby, is the baby worth the price?
7. Don't rush into buying a baby after thinking about it for a long time, there is no rush!
8. Don't buy a baby that has been very well used as they can become very floppy and their hair can be tatty!
9. Sometimes the more expensive the better! some babies may be expensive but if you save up you wouldn't regret it 
10. Don't buy a reborn outside of eBay ( if they sent you a message on eBay asking you to buy it outside of eBay decline the offer as it could be a scam!)

They are my top ten tips to Buying reborn baby dolls. Hope this article helps :) xxxx
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