My small bit of advice to try and avoid being scamed.

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Bought two Shure SM58 microphones (130091785485) on Ebay during March 07. At £50 a pair it was far too cheap for new ones, but I suspended my disbelief, and bought the items using Paypal.
How old do I have to be not to get fooled any more?
The user also listed more auctions for the same sort of stuff, and other eBay users had also bought items. He stated in the auctions that it was stock from a closing down music shop.

I thought I was buying the items from eBay account forth_ind (Barry Forker, Lumphinans, Fife, KY4 9HW UK), and using e-mail address forth_ind at hotmail dot com.
 I checked his feedback, his other closed selling auctions, and the address was paypal confirmed.
However the payment went to WENQUAN ZHOU in Shanghai, China, using
e-mail addresses kuneytianm at hotmail dot com and gfyjufgkf at hotmail dot com.

The auction was then cancelled by eBay a few hours after I had paid for the items. eBay send me a "TKO Notice, eBay Auction(s) Cancelled" e-mail.
eBay stated in this e-mail that I was not to pay as the user account had been hijacked, but it was too late for me.
There was advice in the e-mail about what to do if payment had already been sent, except what to do if I had paid by Paypal.
Checking the eBay website I found that all traces of all the auctions by Forth_ind had been removed.
I assumed that this is to protect eBay in case I copy the auction pages.
Well you were too late eBay, I always save the pages.

So the piece of advice that I think everybody should follow is to save the auction pages on your computer.
In IE, I use IE7, go to File/Save as../Web Archive, Single file (*.mht)
And save the auction page both before and after making payment.
If something goes wrong, then eBay will remove the pages in order to save its own arse, and you will be left without proof that the auction ever existed.

I say the same thing when you use a cash machine, get a receipt, it is the only proof that YOU have that YOU were there.

Searching eBay for what to do next, I found that eBay's advice was to report the item as not received to paypal.
This is wrong, do not do this.
I then complained to Paypal, stating item not received, they contacted the seller who sent them, and me, a tracking number for the items.
Surprisingly the items actually turned up a six days later.
However I did not sign for them, the Parcelforce signature (on the Parcelforce website) is a fake.
The box was left at the front door, even though people were in and answered the door after about 1 minute after hearing a knock.
But they had been delivered.

It quickly became clear that the microphones are counterfeit, poorly made and neither of them worked.
I them informed Paypal that although the microphones had now been received, but they were not as described in the auction.
I therefore told Paypal that I now reject the items and requested a full refund.
Paypal then closed the complaint because I had received the items.
You cannot change the nature of a complaint once you submitted it to Paypal, and you can only make one complaint per auction.

Paypal 1 - Me 0.

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