My thoughts on eBaying

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I like eBay, it's a great place to buy almost anything you want, not to mention find homes for anything you don't. But what I don't like is when eBay sellers rip people off with their high postage costs, or eBay buyers bid more than what they'd pay in the high street or at another online retailer. eBay is an excellent idea put in place - but it is only a bargain when you want it to be.

For example you wish to sell a book which you bought for £2.99, what price should you start it at - after all we all want to make the most. I reckon that a 99p start price would be acceptable. Remember that it's the start price and if plenty of people want it then the bidding will go higher - otherwise you'll be happy it has sold.

Always try to ensure you use fresh packaging OR offer a discount price if you use recycled packaging, ensure your postage costs are fair. After all what would be the point of bidding 99p on our book when you charge £3.00 postage - remember you bouhgt the book for only £2.99.

Be honest and tell people if your home has smokers, whether the books has a bend cover, or if theres a stain on the inside - it'll be better than negative feedback and people can make their own minds up before bidding.


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