MyGuide 3100/Typhoon GPS Unit

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Having just read the guide written by Agentxxx, I have to strongly disagree.

His complaints about the telephone support system is quite funny really. Has he ever tried Dell or HP support? Sounds to me as if he received first class service compared to those to multinationals.

I suspect that his spleen venting was because he didn't get the unit picked up when MyGuide said. Why? Because he was out. Moral of the story? Stay in! But don't blame MyGuide for a pick up problem.

I find the MyGuide unit incredible value for money and offers all of the functions that I want from a GPS, and at £99.00 it has to be one of the best buys around. (I also have a Garmin Streetpilot which is also very good, but not as easy to use).

The only issue I have had is that you cannot add your own points of interest from the cockpit view. You have to be in the map view, and then you can add your own poi either by postcode, address, location or place on the map.

So what if it goes wrong I hear you say? That's easy...... take it back to the company you bought it from. I bought mine from Maplins (actually they swapped an AyToBe unit I had previously purchased from them, (that unit was pretty inferior and unreliable if you ask me)). If I had a problem with it I would just take it back and either ask for my money back or a replacement one, or a similar unit.

Perhaps Agentxxx's real issue should be encapsulated in the following expression. "Beware where you purchase things". It is why people still will purchase items from shops that they know...... quite simply they know they can take the unit back if it is faulty. Isn't that lesson number one in buying something?

Can we vote on silly critics?





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