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Hi, just writing to inform you, as many do not know of the N96 made in China which looks almost exactly like the original N96, but its specifications are limited.

It is known as the N96 Chinese Version.  Has only a 1.3mp camera, no Wifi, No Gps, and only 2gb Internal Memory.

Sellers on ebay especially are selling this but not letting you know which version it is. Whilst others are correctly letting you know its the Chinese Version.  But they  do not explain what that is.

It can be bought for as little as £53- £75 pounds from wholesalers abroad, and ebayers are selling it as the Chinese Version for up to £250 pounds.  Of course with only 1.3 Mp, and 2Gb internal memory. even my W800i is more on comparison with it.

If your looking for the original Nokia N96, be careful and watch out not to buy ones going for very cheap, especialy ebayers selling in mass loads and they dont have very high feedback and do not buy from buyers who have not sold in ages, as remmeber this time of year people are doing christmas rip offs, . happens every year on ebay. So you have just got to use your judgement.  Best to buy off a seller who is a regular seller with high feedback, and sells many different items, If they are only selling the same phone. you can bet theres something wrong with it. Just like those sellers selling fake memory sticks.

Hope this guide helps, as i speak people are bidding on these phones and not knowing.  Hopefuly this guide will show them the truth

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