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why we got negative feedback

we sold a sat nav, brand new sat nav. The person who bought it said they had been using it, but it kept turning off and now showed a major fault had occured. So we said return it and we would refund all costs.  when item was returned to us the sat nav was not the same as the one we had sent them. it was the same model but was 3yrs old, scratched, soiled, and the reset button was broken (thats why sat nav said there had been a major error).

Also the memory card was blank (no maps) the one we sent had full uk and r.o.i. maps, but the person who bought it said they had been using it??? ( difficult with no maps )     when we contacted the buyer and said we will be returning it to them and NOT refunding them. we had an abusive phone call and told if we didnt refund them it would be a shame to get negative feedback.   well we didnt refund them so we got the neg feedback.

we could have refunded them to save our 100% feedback

but WOULD YOU?????? thanks debs

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