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New ebay policy is great ehh , for buyers but not for sellers, recent transactions on our account have seen many bids being placed and no money coming in due to time wasters, i would automatically generate a negative feedback for these in order that others sellers can be warned, but ebay in its wild wisdom thinks this is unfair to leave buyers negative and directs you to a dispute consul which has always been there. this then allows you to get your fees back, a process which was already in force, so what is in it for the sellers, no negative feedbacks or neutrals can be left. Well my plan is to check out what the buyers are selling , go into their auctions and bid and dont pay and leave them a negative, that sounds like a good deal so they are not as fireproof as Ebay likes to make them. I have challenged ebay about the new policy but they always send me the same script, how you can claim your fees back. That doesnt prevent the non payer from bidding on other auctions, especially as the new seller will not be aware of the track record. I think red negatives highlight a buyers track record and if bidding on your auction can be blocked, stopped or bids cancelled, so Buyers are safe and sellers open to scams

 I think as sellers are the ones who pay for advertising, then end of auction fees and dont forget the liabilities you leave yourself open to, ebay should be looking after its sellers not buyers because they are the ones lining ebays pocket, so be warned about those low numbered feedback buyers who have never purchased what you are selling before and only buy one thing about every  six months. they are the non paying bidders.

complain to ebay if you are a seller and complain, it is the sellers who waste their time, not ebay. Thank you for reading this, please place a vote below, thank you

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