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'Negative feedback' The blight of all sellers on eBay.

Understanding the need for feedback Both positive and negative as a full time seller I just want to air my views with regard to this sensitive subject of buyers leaving negative scores to sellers.

As an honest, hardworking  seller on eBay, I would just like the remind the thoughtless (Usually 'Rookie') eBayers, that the majority of today's sellers run their eBay business in a responsible, professional way, as in many instances it is their full time business & they have to afford it great respect, or chance losing it!

Most sellers are honest, trustworthy & morally bound individuals, who are constantly trying their uppermost to maintain high standards, in relation to seller/buyer communication & as such, do their best to please the customer & give great value for money etc,etc & in turn, really do not deserve the damning, thoughtless feedback remarks that some ‘blood lusting’ buyers feel the need to throw around like confetti! & the annoying thing is that it’s usually for very low priced items, which is hardly warranting these negative scores!

Feedback is always at the heart of any sellers business, therefore logic prevails that without good feedback scores, their business would suffer.

So buyer's, please, please understand, that as sellers we do our best, but sadly cannot control certain areas of the business transaction, such as:

The chronic postal service!

The postal service we have here in the uk is as we all know, is a law unto itself & as sellers, all we can do is dispatch (Take to the To the Post Office) your items in a timely manor. What they do with them from that point on, is absolutely out of our control. So if your item is say a week late, please understand that in many instances it is not our fault & therefore think twice before leaving a negative!

Bulk mail boxes...........

How many times have you received emails into your bulk mail folder which should have been sent to your in box? Loads right! So please check your bulk folder for important responses from sellers, to your concerns & questions, prior to leaving negatives.

Language barriers!..........

Unfortunately very few UK sellers speak any language other than English (Fact) so International sellers, if you are buying in this country, please be patient & try your best to communicate in understandable English, before your frustration leads you to give a negatives.

In conclusion.......

Please remember that these negatives stay on a sellers score card for a year & that’s an awful long time for a seller to have to suffer what is in some instances is an unjustified response, made in the heat of the moment. So please think twice before acting in haste when leaving negatives & that's it. Not rocket science is it! We all want to work together in peace & harmony don't we!!

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