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Ebay sellers and buyers please take note of this latest Netgem and BT Netgem IPlayer enhancement, January 2008. Sellers can easily update with this feature as an extra selling point for previous and new Netgem owners. They can set the Audio Description feature to ON and perhaps provide a simple guide on how it's turned off or on.

Following on from our petition to Netgem ( see previous IPlayer discussions on URL: ) the company responded in the form of a Netgem Forum Announcement. This included news of the free software upgrade for the Audio Description feature.

This is set up using the shortcut 953 then Television, Audio & Video Settings. I have 3 Netgems, 2 BT IPlayers and a Netgem IPlayer. All 3 were upgraded to the free Audio Description option by going online and visiting here:


The upgrade screen page gives some details yet these are almost immediately blocked off when a screen message appears saying the software upgrade was successful.

Once the 953, Television, Audio & Video Settings have been set to Audio Description ON and then Blue to Save...

The EPG on channel 0, then Info, will display programme details and identify certain Audio Description broadcasts with [AD] in the Info box area.

I tested all 3 set top boxes and turned off the Audio Description feature after these tests. I don't actually need this extra option and would prefer to record programmes without the extra descriptions.

On 1 set top box, Audio Description on/off wasn't shown using 953, Television, Audio & Video Settings. I had to get the software upgrade successfully activated first and then it was displayed.

While some recently added TV channels were sometimes described as unknown channels, this description didn't change even after I pressed Menu then Green to update the screen logos then going online for the Interactive services.

Some Netgem Tutorials as Click-a-Pic slideshows:




Slideshow Options:

Click-a-Pic Slideshows:

ADD the w w w . before these URLS:

Netgem 2 pages


or 5 parts: 640x520


PC users eg screen size 800x600:

700 width


or 770 width


The final slideshow link led here:



URL: then input above URL.

Each software upgrade was done in minutes so these previous details didn't prove necessary.




URL (as given here): 

Memorable Shortcut: URL:

Netgem Forum Announcement details:

January 2008.

Dear iPlayer+ users,

Last month we received a letter at our head office in France, from one of the forum members petitioning Netgem for further software upgrades for the iPlayer+. This letter has been passed to us for reply.

We are sorry that it has not been possible to provide any further software upgrades for the iPlayer+ after version 4.6.23c.

From the introduction of the iPlayer in November 2002 to September 2005 when 4.6.23c was released, there have been numerous upgrades, which provided enhancements, new features and general improvements. As you know, the iplayer “classic” was replaced in September 2003 by the BT DigitalTV adapter, and later by the iPlayer+.

In terms of support, in June 2003 the iPlayer forum was set up to facilitate technical exchanges and improve communication. Many of you were forum members, some more active than others and, collectively, with assistance from the moderators, technical gurus and through many beta programmes, you helped refine the iPlayer software.

Since the introduction of the iPlayer, the channel logos and idents have been regularly updated to reflect the changes on Freeview, this service has been provided free of charge and the iPlayer is the only adapter to offer this dynamic feature.

As with all consumer electronics products, the iPlayer+ reached the end of its production life, and unfortunately, following BT’s decision to limit and subsequently stop the promotion of the BT DigitalTV adapter, it was no longer possible to provide free support and additional software development.

We understand that there are limitations in the capabilities of the iPlayer (yes, it’s not compatible with YouTube or Facebook), but we consider that given the limited hardware, the iPlayer has proven to be a technological success by providing a versatile and rich set of services and features to all of you. Judging from the feedback and testimonials we have received and from the fact that a large majority of iPlayers are still in use today (including yours), it would be unfair to say that the iPlayer quickly became obsolete as it continues to be one of the best Freeview tuner devices in use.

As a sign of good will, we have decided to offer you all a free update to the “Audio Description” feature, previously only available as a £10 upgrade! This includes the possibility to enable the audio description track when it is available, as well as the “talking channel logos”.

To take advantage of this offer, simply go to with your iPlayer+ or BT DigitalTV adapter.

Thank you for your continuing interest in our products and for your on-going support.

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