NEUTRINO - low to no wind kite review

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Top quality easily affordable mini trick kite with the light wind performance that surpasses many much bigger and more expensive kites. The secret of this kite’s performance is in its use of ultra lightweight materials, such as its Icarex ripstop polyester and a cleverly designed sail form that brings the stability that kites of this size normally lack.

The perfect kite for those wishing to carry on flying on those minimal wind days when normal kites are grounded. If all this isn’t enough this kite has another trick up it’s sleeve that will open up a whole new dimension of kite flying – Indoors!!!! The Neutrino is so light it can be flown when there is NO WIND. By walking backwards slowly in a circle the kite can be flown indoors and its size means you don’t need a lot of room to maneuver. With practice all the usual tricks can be performed as well as some that are practically impossible in the wind.

Whether its low wind or no wind the Neutrino is a kite that will be a fine addition to your kite collection.

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