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Recently an Ebay seller by the name of Abdus Samad trading as 54m2 decided he would only take Postal orders as payment for his goods. 13 Innocent and Honest Ebay buyers  thought they were buying a mobile phone off him, and they did what he asked, and sent him a Postal order for an amount in the region of £80.00 each. The seller cashed the Postal Orders and made over a thousand pounds while the Ebay buyrs were left out of pocket as they were left with NO postal order and NO phone. No one seemed interested when it came to seeking compensation, so I Advise you NEVER, EVER send a Postal Order as payment because it can be cashed and you will not receive the goods you have paid for. 54m2 is now No longer Registered, but how many other thiefs are operating a Postal Order payment only ?? Beware Postal Order SCAMMERS ARE ABOUT !!!

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