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HI ALL....

 It seems we have a new breed of time wasters on our hands, the ones who are putting in extreme high bids on mobile phones, and other high value items...(yes you know who you are) the last 3 days i have witnessed mobile phones (particularly sony ericssons) selling for upto and sometimes beyond 3, is getting ridiculas!!!

Ebay dont seem to want to do a thing about this, aswell as the nigerian scammers, which leaves it to us to resolve!! I recently put my phone on here to sell and just to be sure i dont get done over like this i have been checking every so often to see how the phones are selling, everytime i have done this, i have looked at the bid history on all the phones that are going for stupid prices, and i have made a list of all the names (and belive me thier are alot of them out there) and i have then blocked them from bidding on any of my auctions...PERIOD!!!

They are getting rather boring, i suggest to all you ebayers out there who have had to list your item more than once due to these fool's, do the same!!! i know it is time consuming (and man do i sound sad for saying i have done it!!!) but if like me u have better things to do with your time than have to keep re-listing the same item over and over, then i would block them to....

Hopefully they will get bored in the end and find something else to do....but untill that time i am going to keep blocking them and reporting them to ebay!!!

If n e one is going to sell thier phone on here and woul like a list of the main names to watch out for, then i will be happy to give it to you.!!!


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