NEW PHONE..? So why is it 2 months old?

Like if this guide is helpful

There is a growing trend by people on ebay to misrepresent the items they are selling why ? I really dont know why its not like it would be any less valuable

You type in E71 cause your interested in buying a phone for the other half you get a lovely list of many items so you think great! I want to get something that is nice and cheap(i aint rich you know), But i want respectable goods so i refine my search with condition "new" items only.

Now why does items like this come up ?


We all know this is a paypal dispute waiting to happen and when it does the seller will say they are angry with paypal (who at that point would have done nothing wrong)

Keep in mind here Item is in NEW condition catagory WHY????

Isolated error ... ? you tell me here is another item in same catagory


This one has only had it for a month (com on people ) one month use is USED 1 day use is USED

NEW is mint condition opened for photo only or infact not even opened for photo at all this is a mockery of USED and NEW Condition setting to trick buyers into viewing items please do not do it.

Items decribed as new in condition should be in fact NEW but surely once you have "USED" a toothbrush it is no longer considered "New" so how does it work that a phone can still be considered NEW when your written USED in the listing body text ?

Do not contradict yourself and end up with a paypal issue list items properly with proper condition NEW is new USED is used your undervaluing goods that are new by selling used items as NEW it is unfair and improper to Buyers

If you see such things i would urge you to send a small email to buyer asking them to update listing prior to bidding or notify ebay to resolve it



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