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Take a look at several similar items for sale on ebay, and you will notice a large range of postal charges. These range from fair, reasonable prices to downright dishonest sky high charges. When setting a postal charge for your item, take a trip to the Post Office and get some items weighed, it won`t take long. You can use these items as a guide. If you only sell a few items, all of a similar size and weight, eg comics, then you should charge the same for each item. This should be the actual postal charge plus a LITTLE for packing. Jiffy bags only cost 25p or so if you buy them from a large suppliers.

REMEMBER nothing winds people up more than greedy postal charges. A fair postal charge will lead to more bids and more sales. Always use a signed for method of postage for anything valuable, over say £10. Recorded delivery is a means of proof of delivery, and helps to avoid buyers claiming an item has not arrived. Anything going overseas should be sent by International Signed for mail if it is worth over £20. It costs more to send this way, but you have a guarantee, should the item fail to turn up. Also don`t be bullied by bidders asking for cheaper methods of postage. YOU set the level of postage, skimping on postal services can be a false economy.  Also remember you are graded on postal charges for everything you sell. BE FAIR TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.Hope This Helps someone.

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