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Like most people, I look forward to the end of season Next sale, and as i have three children, I like to buy them clothes that will fit next year, thus saving me money. This seasons sale started on Saturday 19th of July, and I went nice and early, and got some things I had wanted for my children and was quite happy with my purchases.

Later that day, whilst browsing baby clothing on ebay, i was astounded to see many items I had seen in the sale listed on ebay for much more than the sale price.

How can these people make profit out of ordinary working folk who are simply trying to clothe their children? We are all struggling to make ends meet at the moment without these blatant profit makers getting to the sales at 5am just to stick everything on ebay at twice the price. Therefore, I urge anyone who has seen something they like on ebay from Next with a BNWT buy it now, ignore it, let these people have a load of clothes they don't need or want, but please don't give them your money. Next have some lovely new stock in so if you are going to pay full price for something, go there and buy things that are in season now. And if you go onto the next website early in the morning the sale is updated and you will likely see stuff you want that will appear on ebay the following day at full price.

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