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You've just been presented with a beautiful a diamond engagement ring, perhaps you have inherited a piece of antique jewellery or treated yourself diamond earrings or bracelet to celebrate a promotion at work.  Look after your jewellery and you'll enjoy it for many years.  Firstly, get it insured - all risks, worldwide.  Keep your insurance up-to-date with regular evaluation certificates, preferably with photographs.

Cleaning Precious Gemstones

Rings and jewellery set with diamonds and most other stones, can be cleaned using a mild solution of washing up liquid and warm water and then, very gently rubbed with a very old, very soft toothbrush. Extra care is necessary when cleaning emeralds as they are very fragile and DO NOT use this method for rings or jewellery set with  pearls, opals, or turquoise.  If you are at all unsure, or it really is  dirty, take your precious jewellery to your local jewellers who can use an ultrasonic cleaning bath and can buff the metal to an "as new" shine.  Please, don't use gin - it just makes a sticky mess.  It's much better in a glass with a drop of tonic and slice of lemon. 

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl jewellery (a weakness of mine especially when mixed with diamonds) is a classic choice and with a little care your pearl jewellery will last for years.  Put your pearls on last of all; use your hairspray, let your perfume dry, and then put on the pearls.  Keep pearls clean by wiping gently with a soft cloth and, to prevent scratches, keep your pearls away from your other jewellery in your jewellery box.  Have your pearl necklace or pearl bracelet restrung when the pearls start to move between each knot.

Silver Jewellery

Silver rings and jewellery can be susceptible to tarnish, although it is said that the more often you wear your silver jewellery, the less it will tarnish.  You can maintain the brighness of silver by using a proprietory silver cleaner from most supermarkets, just remember to rinse in clean water and dry well.  Alternatively, a regular wipe with a silver cloth should keep most tarnishing at bay.

Follow this simple advice as a matter of your normal routine and your jewellery will continue to delight you and enhance your wardrobe for many years.

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