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this is a warning to all u honest ebayers out there. about 2 wks ago i put a samsung D900i new in box, sealed and hoped it would fetch the sort of amount i had on reserve..within half an hour i got a email from somebody who wanted to buy her son a mobile, she was saying that she living in usa and her son was in nigeria and didn't want to wait for the auction to i had a great deal of trouble after all this as silly newbie me decided to go with it as they were offering me 350usd for item and 150usd for postage to nigeria. when the receipt from paypal came through it read that 500gbp had been put into my account, so, over the next few hrs i kept checking and nothing, zilch. i informed the buyer that no email had confirmed payment, but got in response...."money will show when tracking number of the package is forwarded to paypal....the next morning i went to the post office and enquired and the postmaster then gave me the advice--don't send anything valuable to nigeria, 99%certain it's a scam..and boy was he right..i forwarded the "dodgy" emails to and the return was scary, they were all fake.."miapceny" was the id they had stolen and used so plse be aware, if u ever get the gut feeling go with it, if it turns out it's a genuine buyer, give your apologies and state your reasons for concern, if they argue with u or demand the package be shipped then u know it's probably a scam
if u recieve emails that u think r fake or forged forward them to and for fake ebay forward to and then immeadiatly delete from ur inbox,  dont click on any links,  html or anything associated with the bogus email.. lets keep ebay  clean from scammers.
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