NIGERIA SCAM AGAIN!! Shall i quit using ebay?

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Hi, I am fairly new to ebay, I have bought a few bits and bobs and sold a few odds and bobs too. It's all been good, up til now. I have always thought I could see the fakes. Usually they look so obvious.

However, now I am not so sure if I want to use ebay.

I had a brand new Nokia 6111 pink to sell. Unwanted replacement phone. I had a lot of genuine questions asking about the network, etc. So when it sold I was pleased.

I emailed the seller (london address) to ask for thier posting preference. Next day, I received an email asking to post to Nigeria (I HAD STATED ONLY POST TO UK in listing).

 Annoyed, but thought, sold it now. It was only when I noticed this 'delivery address' email had been cc'd to many other addresses (probably all the other people he was ripping off as a fake buyer) that I thought it wasnt right. I also recieved very real looking emails from paypal saying money was being sent, and transaction would be completed when I send tracking number. Again, I thought this was strange, but the FAKE PAYPAL looked very real.

I text my sis, who is a long time ebayer, and she said to come to this review page, and here I am now.

Luckily I did not send the phone, and reported the emails to ebay. However Im sure some poor people have been caught out and ripped off like I nearly was.

Please beware!

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